#Oscars So Wack

Ok, another year, another night I fell asleep on last night's 95th Academy Awards telecast. 😴

As expected Asian Actress Michelle Yeoh, won for best Actress for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, however, I didn't expect the "quirky" science fiction movie to clean up at the Awards, and is the movie that damn good beating out major contenders, or could there be more to it?

While I'm happy for Yeoh who I was a fan of hers during the Wushu martial arts years, I did not particularly care for the movie as the plot and scenarios were well, "everything everywhere all at once." It just didn't gel with me and personally,  I don't remember much of Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis' performance that earned her the win, how she beat out Angela Basset for her dynamic portrayal of Queen Romanda many of us if not most can tell that once again, Ms Basset was robbed of her win and what’s more insulting, is losing to an obnoxious ex druggie Actress who personally hates the genre that made her a star in the first place, "Horror!"

She actually mentioned that she is no fan of Horror films, and while I appreciate her sincerity, she should have looked for roles outside of the "Scream Queen/Final Girl" templates.
Basset who was known for playing strong powerful Women, be it Malcolm X or Strange Days, bears the same fortitude in person, as she refused to play the role opposite Billy Bob Thorton in Monster's Ball and that's what probably pissed off the sleazebags in Hollywood who gave the role and an Oscar to Hallie Berry. How's that working for you Hallie?

Basset has the grace and dignity to not be exploited as some Black woman fetish, while Berry has no problem with being looked upon as Ghetto trash and it’s of no wonder why Actor Adrian Brody felt comfortable to force himself on Ms. Berry when receiving the award for Best Actor from The Pianist, yes, that “Pianist!”

EEAAO dominated the Oscar's and so many contenders got shut out from Elvis to Top Gun Maverick, the latter which helped to resuscitate a dying theatrical industry. The movie was ok but not Oscar worthy. Then again, the lame academy awarded Denzel Washington for playing a crooked cop instead of Civil Rights icon, Malcolm X, and don't get me started on Halle Barry for playing a bedwench junkie to some racist redneck. Then there was child rapist Roman Polanski winning the award for Best Director (The Pianist)

Yeah, fuck the Oscars!

However, all is not lost, as Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio won for best animation.  And Jimmy Kimmel was a better host than expected especially during his opening monologue where he (predictably) made fun of Will Smith and the Slappening. And rightfully so.
With the exception of Lenny Kravitz' memorial segment, I skipped the performances by Lady gaga, Rihanna, David Byrne, and those annoying dancers from RRR. Sorry, Jan feel free to say "Fuck you Jeff" it's all good, fam! But at least "All Quiet on The Western Front" got some love. (:'

Aside from EEAAO being overrated, Sarah Poley's "Women Talking" should not have been nominated for best Picture, instead, it should have won for most boring screenplay/film as the movie was as dead-on arrival, like the zombies she fought against in 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. While it was great to one of my favorite Asian actors Donnie Yen appear at the Oscars, there was more of an emphasis on “Identity politics” starting with Ruth Carter’s acceptance speech of Black Women being the real “Superhero.” Well, she is right when you factor in Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks and other primary examples. In regard to the influx of Asians, could it be that the Academy awards are further promoting “inclusivity” by showcasing an Asian-centric film? Or could it be the fact that the President of the Academy is Janet Yang?

 Or could it be that Asians, are substituting other minorities, as the new “Black” since that fool Will Smith went “Jiggy” last year? Too many questions, so few answers. As expected, Elvis, Top Gun Maverick, and The Fablemans were shut the fuck out. Even acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins was overlooked for his brilliant work in Empire of Light! That said,  the only reason why this year’s Oscars had an uptick in viewership was not necessarily the nominations, although many were curious whether or not Angela Bassett, or Top Gun would win, but the pushback from last year’s shitshow, via the host. That said, Pedro Pascal mentioning “My year of Dicks” when presenting Short Animated Films nominations, was fucking priceless! LMMFAO