Dine In Hell 2023 #2 – Creators At War With Their Audiences

Hello there and welcome to the Dine In Hell movie podcast – tonight’s topic is… Creators At War With Their Audiences. As our case study, we got Marvel’s She Hulk to talk about. As well as the often prophesized MCU fatigue – certainly people like James Cameron and Martin Scorsese think it’s a real thing. In that context, we also discuss artists scolding audiences for not being interested in their movies – like Elizabeth Banks, Billy Eichner, and Ridley Scott – which is prompt enough for us to have a second look at the artistic merits of Scott’s recent box office failures Prometheus, Alien Covenant, and The Last Duel. From there, we sail on to Benioff & Weiss of GoT fame - who never got to tell us their alternate Civil War history. Lots of ground to cover so… let’s get started because… Tonight We Dine In HELL!