"The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Photo courtesy of Almay. Collage, why me, of course!

2023: Meet the New Year, same as the Old Year!

While there were many well-wishers for 2023, feeling a sense of unfettered optimism, hope and resolutions that this year brings forward, let's be real 💯 about this sentiment, why wait to follow promises you may or may not keep, when you should have done it at least six months ago?? While I can't fault those for having this sense of a "New dawn", I think the tradition is outdated. Now hear me out, most people follow resolutions for at least a month before going back to their old ways. You'll more than likely go back to those vices that can harm if not kill you in the end, whether its smoking, eating junk food, drinking, drugging or even binging bad Television shows.
And this comes from being too comfortable or complicit.  You must find it within yourselves to bring about a change for a positive outcome and not wait until a not so satisfactory year ends, that change should be now!

2022 was not that good a year, possibly the worst since 2020 when you factor in inflation, racial unrest, high crime rates within certain American cities, Abortion rights on the line, Gas prices, surging migrant influx, annoying Celebrities, politicians and "influencers" clout chasers, and let’s not forget, disappointing films. All while most of us, went on with our business. Now, my respect goes out to those who followed and completed their personal goals last year.  Here's a gold ✨️ for ya, but everyone else who are not satisfied with their current condition drowning in a sea of complacency, you can do better, by becoming better. Challenge yourselves to bring about that change, find a better career if not advance it, get in touch with loved ones, instead of "texting" don't let social media control your daily life as it's more of a marketing tool, than being "social." Tired of labored breathing and yellow teeth, drop the cigarettes.  Struggling to walk up a flight of stairs when exiting the subway station, ditch the Lay's potato chips and Breyers ice cream. Don't like being a misogynistic incel who's all alone, sad and pathetic, put down the PlayStation controller, or keyboard and instead, try to get to know a woman or women, and if she’s feeling reciprocal, good things can happen. Feeling trapped in a bad situation with your spouse or partner, who has been keeping you down, "be out!" And say "deuces “to all the fakers, frauds and phonies, while you're at it! ✌️ We gotta keep it a buck here, it’s up to each individual to make a change within, any moment, as we are living in the now and not yesterday. And no, I'm not piggybacking off that corny Michael Jackson song, "Man in the Mirror " but real change can be implemented only if someone wishes it to come and not during the start of a new year. No, you're not going to save the world, but it's a start, one person at a time.