Bop’s Best (and Worst) of 2022!

Disclaimer: The Views and opinions expressed therein are those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Poptic Nerve. jus sayin!

2022 is almost over. It was a criminal year. Criminal because what Hollywood produced this year, but also criminal because of how much our politicians sold us out. Criminal for the gas and electricity bills coming up (thank you, false martyr Zelensky). For me the glass is always half full, but if we are realistic 2023 is gonna be a tougher year. But fuck that for now. Let’s go through the immense list of shit and sweets.


Shit List

Loin du periph

I always though Omar Sy made cool stuff, but man, this movie just sucked big time. It was not funny; it was boring, and the story was going nowhere. How the hell Omar Sy landed in that movie I don’t know but he should stay away from the director and the script write in the future. JFC. What a shitty movie.


Take a world-famous DJ and give him a movie to make. The crap result is H4X4RD. Need I say more?

Bullet Train

What a piece of shit movie this was. Overhyped to the bone, but execution-wise a total lamefest. It didn’t help that the six-head ugly ass girl was annoying AF. Andrew Koji, of the super badass TV show Warrior, looked and acted like a fucking junk in this movie and was just wasted. Not even the mighty Paperboi from Atlanta fame could save this turd. The forced comedy was to puke and not funny at all. Whoever the script writer was he is just a deranged individual who should never get near a script again. Fuck that shit.

Add to that that I hoped that this would be the first Brad Pitt film ever I would like. Brad Pitt still sucks but this movie sucked even more. What a fucking waste of life this was. I guess this was the last Brad Pitt movie I will ever give a chance.

The Man from Toronto

Woody Harrelson. What the fuck happened to you? At one time you were quite entertaining in stuff like White Men Can’t Jump, Money Train, The Cowboy Way and True Detective. Get back to good movies, damnit!

Everywhere Anywhere All At Once

I like Michelle Yeoh. To me she is the queen of martial arts movies (sorry, Cynthia). This movie was hyped up as something special but as soon as I saw parallel universe bullshit, I had to tap out. Disney, pussy lotion boys, parallel universes, and multiple timelines are the bane of my existence. The movie got great reviews, but i wish they had something better for Michelle Yeoh, like they had in Strike Back season 5 in which she totally stole the show.

Fistful Of Vengeance

When I heard Iko Uwais had another movie I had to watch. However, for the first time ever I had to quit an Iko Uwais movie. This movie just didn’t have it and bored me to death. It is not Iko’s fault, but the director’s and writer’s fault. What drugs were they on? Iko, get The Raid 3 made!!!

Clerks III

What the fuck happened to Kevin Smith? Seriously, what happened to that guy? At one time he was an interesting filmmaker with the first Clerks, Mallrats and Dogma. And the first 15 minutes of Chasing Amy was some of the funniest shit ever. I think his downfall began when he managed to get J-Ho for a movie. I refused to watch that movie and so did a lot of people. Smith used to go to AICN from time to time and stopped going there because he said AICN was so toxic. No shit, when he produced shit movies. You make shit and someone will bash you for it. In this case many talkbackers. I was one of them. Speaking of talkbackers, did you notice that no one ever calls the visitors of AICN talkbackers anymore? And rightfully so, because only pussies visit that site to read articles by that thin-skinned, pathetic excuse for a human being and gutless Buffy doll collector Jerkules.
Now back to Clerks III. I know Smith is smoking shit, but it must have really fucked him up. Clerks III was such a depressing movie. Not only that, but they totally neutered Randall. As we all know Randall was the MVP of the Clerks universe. He was the smart ass you could actually like. Dante was the lovable punching bag of Randall. The dynamic of puncher and punchee was fantastic in the first Clerks. Here however they flushed everything down the toilet. Clerks III is by far one of the absolute worst movies ever. Disney territory for sure.  The thing is I hoped Clerks II would redeem itself after the emo-bullshit that was part 2. Wishful thinking. Kevin Smith dropped the ball once again. There are rumors of Mallrats 2. FUCK THAT SHIT. Kevin Smith, buddy. As much as I used to like you, you are passe. Find back your wit and your dignity. And please stop using your daughter in movies! She can’t act and makes me look the other way.


Why? Just why? Why do you fuck up such an intense movie? This is one of the most intense movies I ever saw and seemed to go for the title best movie of the year, but in the last half hour or so this French movie took a huge nosedive. What is going on in minds of certain directors? Can’t they see when they have gold in their hands? This movie could have been the best movie of the year for the sheer intensity but then they had to go and fuck it up. Shame on you, mes amis.On a side note, this movie was the cause of a lot of fireworks riots over here this year. This movie influenced so many little scumbag punks that they caused havoc and mayhem. People were not happy. I never expect this movie to have so much influence.


Deep Water

I only watched this because of Ana de Armas, so sue me. She played a despicable character, so I can understand why the character played by Ben Affleck was not a happy camper. It was not a bad Affleck movie at all, I have to say, even if I am not an Affleck fan. And Ana de Armas sure can play a ho. Dayuuuum.


Good movie. Interesting premise. Not many actors in there, but quite the suspenseful movie. And Lilly Collins isn’t hard on the eyes, even if Emily In Paris sucks big time now.


This was quite the intense movie. I don’t like Gyllenhaal much but in this movie he was good. The premise is interesting but the less I say the better. Don’t watch trailers. Just watch the movie to be surprised.

Sans Repit

This is one seriously weird AF movie. Intense, creepy, and just keeps you glued to the seat. Definitely worth a watch.

Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe

This came out of nowhere. I didn’t know Mike Judge was doing another movie, so I was curious AF. This movie didn’t disappoint. Mike Judge was back to true form with all the silliness. Personally I found this movie better than Beavis and Butthead Do America and I hope there will be a few more movies in the pipeline. Beavies and Butthead are cult even when they are very silly often. Keep those movies coming. In Mike Judge we trust.

Balle Perdue 2

When the first Balle Perdue got released, they called it the French The Fast And The Furious. It was absolutely anything but. However, part 2 was way more the French The Fast And The Furious. I enjoyed the movie a lot. The French know how to do raw and gritty action. I don’t think there is anyone who does that better. When the driving really starts shit is on. Car action has always been a favorite of mine when done right. This was done right. The movie ended with a cliffhanger so bring on part 3. And you know what is funny? French cops are nearly always portrayed as corrupt pieces of shit when there are action movies. This was no exception.

Kung Fu Zohra
Let's see a real kung fu movie with her, please!
There is something fascinating about Sabrina Ouazani. She is pretty, has a lot of charisma, but her voice is so grating. It’s as if she smokes 10 packs of cigarettes a day. This movie was kind of like the Karate Kid but with a serious theme of female abuse. Sabrina Ouazani plays a woman who gets terrorized by her husband. One day at a job she meets a concierge who happens to be a kung fu master. She asks him to be his pupil and train kung fu to defend herself. The fight scenes are not super good, but it is obvious Sabrina Ouazani has a dancing background, because she sure managed to perform some kung fu forms without too much trouble. This movie would probably be cancelled in the US, so be glad it is a French movie.


I kinda enjoyed this movie that seems to be based on a true story. Josh Duhamel’s best work was in the legendary TV show Las Vegas, but here he was ok. But Elisha Cuthbert, man, did she hit the wall hard with a bulldozer. That woman used to have such an intriguing look but now she dried out like a shrimp. Sometimes it was just hard watching her. Also, Josh Duhamel should be thankful he could work with legendary Mel Gibson, and I am sure he appreciated it. Mel is always Mel, and it is a shame he doesn’t get more movie roles. The man is just a scene stealer.

The Lost City

I love adventure movies. It is an interesting genre when done right. This one was quite entertaining It stars Vampire Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum *cough, cough*. Just a simple popcorn movie with some funny scenes. Vampire Bullock has a weird kind of comedic talent and once again it is shown in this movie. Also, I suspect Vampire Bullock has been a transsexual for years so there you go. 

The Gray Man

Ryan Gosling is one of the most worthless actors I know. The guy is a charisma vacuum and very wooden. Somehow, however, this movie was a solid action movie which you don’t see in Hollywood often. It had some good tense moments, and the tram chase is absolutely edge of the seat material. Chris Evans as the bad guy sucked. So unconvincing as a baddie. I hear there is a sequel coming and I am game.

The Big 4

This Indonesian movie is a bit of a wacky movie and an acquired taste, I guess. I would call this the Indonesian A-Team with blink, blink. Weird characters, weird humour and interesting fights and shoot outs. A sequel is in the making and I wonder if it will be as wacky as this one.


I used to be famous

This movie came straight out of nowhere and I can’t believe it was a Netflix movie. Why? Because it didn’t have any LGBTQ-agenda or any other  agenda you can think of. This movie was the second-best movie of 2022. This movie was a movie about people. Real people and their struggles in life. In this case 2 guys who want to make music because that is what they love to do. One of them is a failed boyband star and the other is an autist. And it works. What this movie shows is that you should do what you love, not what you hate. Normally I don’t like messages in movies, but I can totally agree with the message in this movie. Kudos.

Accident Man 2

Once again Scott Adkins delivers the movie of the year. A few years ago, his hard-hitting Avengement stole the show (where is the sequel, damnit?). Now it was time for Accident Man 2 to steal the show. WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS MOVIE NOT RELEASED IN THE CINEMAS? This movie started a bit slow but when the action kicked in it was a roller coaster ride. This movie was kind of like Midnight Run meets the Pink Panther meets Final Fight. It was funny, it had great scenery (filmed on Malta) and it had excellent bad guys. Poco the Clown totally stole the show. That was a motherfucking evil clown if I ever saw one. Don’t know who this Beau Fowler guy was who played him, but damn did he play him evil and nuts. Want a new Joker for a Batman movie? Beau Fowler is your man. The action in the movie was fantastic. Scott Adkins stepped up. His female Cato (hilarious acting by the unknown Sarah Chang) was a nice find. And I don’t know who Andy Long is but he kept up easily with Scott during the action scenes. I love it that Scott Adkins gets to work with a lot of new talent. It keeps him fresh. Let’s see what they will allow him to do in John Wick 4. Kudos to you and your crew, Scott. You saved 2022 movies from mediocrity. And I don’t know who the Kirby brothers are, who directed this movie, but it is fitting because it was visually a stunning movie. I hope the Kirby brothers get more jobs after this. I just hope they don’t turn into the Kirby sisters.


Shit List

Better Call Saul Final Season

Why? I just want to know. Why? Why did you have to neuter the spin-off of Breaking Bad and then kill Breaking Bad too? Fuck you AMC. Fuck you for surrendering to the LGBTQ agenda. Where are your fucking balls, AMC? Probably chopped off like most of the motherfuckers that push that agenda down your throat. You made one of the most compelling villains on TV gay all of a sudden. Did I mention the villain was black? Seriously, AMC. Fuck you for selling out. By making Gus gay you made Breaking Bad obsolete too. I don’t care how Better Call Saul ended, because I can’t support shit like that. This world is going down the toilet and all you sheep motherfuckers will get the world you deserve. I hope you get fucked in your ass for eternity.


Ten Percent

This is the English version of the legendary French TV show Dix Pour Cent. It was obvious the English can’t keep up with Dix Pour Cent. This was watchable but not that great. It was not very funny either. I would also have thought they could get some bigger English names to make a cameo like Vinnie Jones, Craig Fairbrass, Scott Adkins, Emma Thompson, Rose Byrne and John Cleese.

Atlanta season 3

Atlanta is one of the weirdest TV shows ever.  I don’t know what was wrong with Donald Glover, the show runner, this season. There were so many fill-in episodes that were just not interesting. I wanted to see the adventures of Paperboi (yes, it’s spelled like that) and earn and nothing else. To keep them away from episodes is just not cool. Highlight of this season was their stay in Amsterdam. They were in a concert hall even I visited in the past which was very cool to see. Also, they got the behaviour of the Dutch quite right, i.e., they were not speaking German as you often see in movies. The last episode of the season is some of the weirdest shit you will ever see. I don’t know what dope Donald Glover was smoking but that episode was fucked up in a bad way.

Mayans season 4
After talking with my buddy Stalks I decided to give season 4 a chance after quitting after season 3. The first episode was one of the most TV episodes of any show I saw, and I thought Mayans might start to climb back and maybe get even close to Sutter’s Mayans, but alas it was not meant to be. A lot of episodes dealt with lot of side plates involving family which just took the life out of the show. They screwed up EZ’s character. He went to the dark side out of nowhere. They turned Bishop, who was one of the best characters in the show, into a whining wimp. Thankfully they killed off Coco, who had become the most annoying character on the show. However, seeing as how EZ threatened his own brother was so not EZ that I wonder what was up with the writers. They were brothers through thick and thin had each other’s back the whole time. They killed off that whole dynamic between the brothers and therefore killed the show. The next season is probably the last, but I have less hope than ever they will manage to solve this clusterfuck. They had a shot at redemption and blew it. Mayans jumped the shark.


Power Book IV Tommy Egan
Power MVP
Man, I was anticipating this AF. This spin-off of Power put the focus on Tommy Egan, who was the coolest character in Power.  Joseph Sikora chews up the scenery and his acting style is very distinctive. It is hard to explain, but you need to check out Power to see what I mean. I expected this show to be the best show of the year, but they failed. It was a good show, but not the best. I do hope more Tommy Egan spin-offs are coming.


This quirky French comedy on Netflix had a very interesting premise. Stay away from your phone for 30 days. Can you do it? Most of the planet these days certainly can’t and that is a shame. The world would be in a much better place without cell phones.
Tiphaine Saviot is so weird looking but has great comedic timing. Very interesting actress.

Atlanta season 4

It seems they smartened up in season 4 because the focus was back on Earn and Paperboy again. The way it should be. I can’t explain why I watch this, but it is so fascinating even if the stories are sometimes really ridiculous.

The Endgame season 1

Moreno Baccarin found her vehicle and man, is she stealing the show even with the worst Russian accent. She is bad to the bone, a master tactician and knows how to style and profile.  This show is quite good, but unfortunately it got cancelled. Personally, I think it got cancelled because the real baddies of the show were Ukrainians and we can’t have that now, can we? The Ukrainians are so innocent. Aren’t you (say that in Camille Vazquez’s voice)?

The Outlaws

This show came out of nowhere and introduced me to the charismatic Rhianne Barretto, the quirky Eleanor Tomlinson and rubber-faced weirdo Stephen Merchant. Add to that that Christopher Walken got added to the cast and you should have a recipe for a good TV show. It started out great in season 1 but then took a nosedive in season 2. The problem the show got was that it didn’t know what it wanted to be. Eleanor Tomlinson played one of the weirdest characters ever and you just cracked up whenever she opened her chips-toothed mouth and smiled. Her fashion sense also hurt my eyes, but I guess that was the intention of the character. The show is only 2 seasons, and they ended the storyline. If you have absolutely nothing to do the show is watchable.

Cobra Kai season 5

Cobra Kai redeemed itself after the abysmal season 4. Granted, they still got various things wrong, but the good things were in the majority this time. Chosen got a lot of time to shine and karate’s bad boy Mike Barnes made his return. However, he got misused in the show big time and especially during the end battle they didn’t allow him to get his shit in. Dmitri is still annoying AF. Hawk sucks. Samantha sucks. Daniel’s wife sucks. Daniel’s son sucks. Terry Silver was on fire in this season, and I was quite impressed with the female sensei. I don’t know if she has a martial arts background in real life, but she oozed confidence and danger.  The protect the egg made me puke. And there was a lot of manipulative symbolism in the show which I absolutely hated. Not to mention it got soapier. Johnny is getting another child? FUCK THAT SHIT!!! They’d better step up with season 6, but I fear it is gonna get worse. Mike Barnes’d better get some more shit to do next season. And don’t get Will Smith’s son to appear!


Alan Ritchson from the super awesome cult TV show Blood Drive got the role of Jack Reacher. That role was perfect for him. He turned from goody two shoes in Blood Drive to badass in Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher was a solid TV show, that could have been the best TV show of 2022. Unfortunately, they dropped a few balls and got stuck in a good show mode. This show has potential, though, and I hope they get a few more seasons. I just hope Christina Ochoa from Blood Drive fame will have a cameo in the next season.Watch this awesome cult show!

Flatbush Misdemeanors

I always had a problem with people who have no fighting spirit. When life deals them lemons, they eat them instead of making lemonade out of them. They never man the fuck up and whine eternally. They never strike back either. The character Dan in Flatbush Misdemeanors is such a person with no fighting spirit. People walk all over him, and he just accepts it instead of drawing a line. His buddy Kevin is the wiser one and actually takes the effort to make lemonade out of melons. This is a very depressive show, and yet, I can’t stop watching it, so they must be doing something right, I guess. I want to root for them just like I want to root for Ted Lasso. I want them to grab life by the throat and make the best out of it. I hope they do. Special mention for the actor who plays Drew. That character is hilarious. 

Reservation Dogs season 2

I fucking love this show. It is really one of a kind. I love the Native American elements in it, but also the people playing the Reservation Dogs are fantastic. This show is free of smut and that is quite the feat today. I hope they have a lot more seasons. Sometimes the show is depressing but they always manage to make me smile.  It's a very underrated show!

Top Boy season 2

Some people call this show the English version of the Wire. Well, the Wire was super overhyped shit but this show is definitely not. This show is entertaining, raw and has a new generation of upcoming English actors. This is gritty stuff and sometimes even downright depressive. The actors are having the time of their lives with this. Some of the best English stuff ever made.


Unfortunately, there was no best TV show this year. Nothing really stood out which is a shame. Is Ted Lasso season 3 had been released on time, as well as Braqueurs season 2 they would definitely bring it, but alas.


Midnight Asia

This was a fantastic documentary series focusing of some of the biggest cities in Asia and their night life. Places like Tokyo, Manilla, Bombay and Seoul. I would love to live in Seoul. That city speaks to me. I don’t know Koreans well, but to me they are the most real people on the planet after I saw the Seoul episode. This series showed what people can do when they work together and have a vision. Europe and North America are a ghetto compared to those Asian cities.

Marilyn Monroe

Countless things have been written and told about Marilyn Monroe and this documentary rehashes some of it. What I didn’t know is how she exactly died, but it was mysterious. Whom did she and Kennedy piss off? That is the big question.

Tinder Swindler

This might be the most callous documentary I ever saw. An Israeli swindler relieving women of their money and living the high life. People shit on the women for being taken, but no matter how ditzy and gold digger they were they didn’t deserve that kind of a treatment. The documentary portrays how they tried to catch him. Will they catch him? I won’t tell. You need to check it out for yourself. Rest assured that the documentary will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Brittany Murphy documentary

Brittany Murphy was an odd actress. She seemed very quirky but cute at the same time but had some of the weirdest roles ever in movies. She had a big likeability-factor you don’t often see. This documentary was eerie. You see how she struggled to become a great actress, but also how her relationship went down the toilet. The husband is painted as the bad guy here, but I am not so sure he was. To me it sounded more like he was protecting her from Hollywood using and abusing her. Brittany died under very mysterious circumstances and a few weeks later or so her husband died under the very same mysterious circumstances. What happened there we will probably never know but rest assured that Hollywood knows. 

The Puppet Master

What a piece of shit the guy from the Puppet Master was. To me it sounds like it was some secret agent who used poor saps to do his dirty work but also kind of kidnapped them. They never caught him so who knows what he is doing right now. I hate it when people take advantage of people who are insecure about who they are just because they didn’t have the right guidance in life. This documentary left a foul taste in my mouth.

DB Cooper Where Are You?

The thing is I never heard of DB Cooper before, so this documentary was a treat. I still wonder if the guy they interrogated was indeed DB Cooper. The thing with this story is, how could he get away with it? It is so weird. Something kind of stinks here, but at the same time it is kind of a sticking it to the man. It was the little man vs the big man. Who doesn’t dream of stealing a big sum of money and getting away with it?

Train wreck Woodstock 99

If you want to see vile scumbags watch Trainwreck Woodstock 99 on Netflix. The vile scumbags are the organisers of Woodstock 99, and it is a miracle that they are not in jail. They had a social experiment with people, and it was just criminal. The question was, how far can you go with people before they snap? They treated the people like subhuman beings. They took the people’s money because they could and just kept abusing them in all kinds of manners. Why are those organisers not in jail? They should have been in jail for all the shit their pulled. The main organiser was especially a piece of shit. The motherfucker also organised Woodstock 1969 so I wonder how such a worthless human being can have so much money and connections to pull that shit off? I am surprised he didn’t get mauled by the visitors because he sure as hell deserved that. Those motherfuckers got away scott free and the main organiser idiot even had the gall to try to organise Woodstock 50 celebrating 50 years of Woodstock. Fortunately, the smarter people prevailed and prevented that organiser motherfucker from organising another Woodstock. He might have gotten away with his tricks in 1999, but rest assured they would be coming for his head at Woodstock 50 had the people been as abused as they were in 1999. 

Pro Wrestling

CM Punk Media scrum

CM Punk made a lot of friends this year. After his legendary comeback last year, one year later he had a media scrum and criticised the company he worked for by calling out people in the company who were acting like children and tried to sabotage him. The boss of the company, Tony Khan was sitting next to him and took it all on the chin, which was kind of hilarious to see, even if the boss has been a class act so far.  During the press conference he said if anyone has a problem with what he said they should come look him up. After the conference the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, the EVPs stormed into CM Punks locker room demanding answers. A fight ensued and one of the Young Bucks got knocked out by Punk, Kenny Omega got bitten by Punk’s former coach and CM Punk’s dog lost 2 teeth. CM Punk also got injured in a match before the media scrum but that didn’t stop him from knocking out one of the Young Bucks. I am not saying he is a tough guy, but it shows how tense the situation was. CM Punk has not been seen ever since. Rumours are that Tony Khan, the boss, is gonna buy out Punk which is totally ridiculous. He was not at fault here, but as usual CM Punk looks like the bad guy here. Whatever happens, if Punk gets bought out, at least he came with a bang and left with a bang.

CM Punk. CM Punk. CM Punk… You never disappoint. If this is the last time I see you, CM Punk, thank you for all the great stuff you did. 

McMahon retires

McMahon, the billionaire man-child retired. It was not of his own free will. He banged some female employees and paid them off. The board of directors got wind of this and wanted answers. By the time I am writing this McMahon is still retired so he can stay out of the firing range. There might even be a lawsuit coming, but who knows? I do suspect that he is still involved in WWE stuff but not on paper. There is no way that man is gonna have other people take care of his life work.
In case you don’t know who, Vince McMahon is, he is the guy who made pro wrestling mainstream. If you ever saw pro wrestling, you know guys like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Jake The Snake Roberts, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior and Iron Sheik. Household names in the 80s who were larger than life thanks to the creative genius of Vince McMahon. McMahon turned his WWE into a billion-dollar company, but truth be told the greatness of the 80s was never repeated again. Yes, the late 90s were more successful financially, but story-wise it couldn’t hold a candle to the 80s.As for now, WWE sucks big time. It also needs to be stated that WWE was not always politically correct and had some racism in the 80s. Also, McMahon helped cover up a murder done by one of his wrestlers and manipulated male wrestlers into taking steroids and manipulated female wrestlers into taking silicones. I hope one day the cesspool gets opened so we can hear a lot of McMahon stories. The dude has some skeletons in his closet, and I want to know why he hates sneezing so much.

One thing I must give him though, he made pro wrestling mainstream and that would never have happened without him, because he had the vision that the other promotors didn’t have the brains for.

And at least he should have paid Dr D David Schulz a lot of money for protecting the business by slapping around that rat-face bitch John Stossel. Instead, he fired him. That is what loyalty and protecting the business gets you.

Best of 2022

Depp vs Heard

Depp vs Heard was the best thing of 2022. It had suspense, tension, good guys, bad guys, lunatics, babes, bitches, superheroes and redemption. Seldom did you see pure evil on TV. Amber Heard was pure evil. How Depp didn’t know she reeked of evil I don’t understand. Amber Heard showed that she is despicable AF and one crazy bitch. How she tried to frame poor Depp was unbelievable. Amber Heard made Baron Von Munchausen look like a joke in the lies department. And she got away with it, which was unbelievable. Camille Vazquez was the superhero of the show and an example of what a classy woman is all about. Like a Pitbull she tore into Amber Heard and deservedly so. Depp’s other lawyer was also fantastic. And if you wanted to see a lunatic watch the witness Dr Spiegel. How the fuck was he a psychiatrist? Dude was nuts AF.

And who can forget Dr Shannon Curry? Another classy woman that showed what class is in comparison to Amber Heard


FIFA World Cup 2022, The Biggest Scam In World Cup Football Ever

The FIFA World Cup has been fixed since 1990, but the 2022 edition fix was more blatant than ever.  Ever since Diego Armando Maradona started to dominate world football in 1986 the FIFA. Diego Armando Maradona was an inspirational football player and person. After he took his super weak team to the world cup in 1986 he was bound to repeat the feat in 1990. And lo and behold, his team got to the final again, but got screwed over by the referee who awarded the Germans a penalty that was not deserved at all. That penalty resulted in a measly 1-0 victory for Germany. FIFA did not want Maradona around. Then a year or so later Maradona got suspended by the FIFA for drug use and his career seemed over. However, FIFA organised the world cup 1994 in the USA, and was afraid it would not be a success. They needed star power, so they begged Maradona on their hands and knees to return to world cup football in USA. Maradona returned and was a man possessed. During the first-round stage Maradona showed why he was the best in the world once again and Argentina won their first 2 matches. And lo and behold, after the second match Maradona got drug tested. Of all the people they could have chosen to drug test they chose Maradona. FIFA screwed him over big time. The thing is, Maradona got suspended from the tournament for a fucking nosespray. Can you believe that shit? Argentina was done without their captain. If FIFA wasn’t corrupt in 1990 Maradona would have won a second world cup. And if they didn’t screw him with the sorry excuse of a nose spray, he would have reached the final again only to be screwed by the referee again. In fact, Maradona was such a dominant captain that he could have won 3 consecutive world cups. A feat that had never been done before. And the worst of it all is that FIFA begged him on his hands and knees to return for the 1994 world cup. 

Which brings me to Messi, the current captain of Argentina. We live in a time in which mediocrity is promoted as the best thing ever. People with hardly any braincells dare to say Messi is greater than Maradona, while Messi got everything handed to him on a silver platter except a world cup.

I didn’t feel the need to watch the world cup because everybody already knew the FIFA would do everything to make Messi world champ. So I wasn’t watching when I got a message that said:” You gotta watch this. Saudi Arabia is playing Argentina and Saudi Arabia just equalised. They might win the match!” That piqued my curiosity since I wanted to see how the FIFA (the football federation) would handle this embarrassment. The Saudi Arabians played with passion and determination. They played above their abilities, and it was so awesome to see. Argentina was getting embarrassed, and, in the end, Saudi Arabia won which was the biggest upset in world cup history. I thought:” Wow, even the FIFA couldn’t save Argentina.” And take a look at the resting time speech of the coach of Saudi-Arabia. Fucking goosebumps.

Boy, was I wrong. Every next match Argentina played the referee made sure Argentina got a free penalty which always enabled them to get the lead. It was so blatant and despicable, and I was angry AF. And lo and behold, FIFA guided Messi to the world cup final. In the final Argentina faced current world champs France and there was just no way France would lose this. They had a way stronger team with star player Kylian MBappe, a French player with African roots. And lo and behold, Argentina got a penalty as a present which gave them the lead. France looked lethargic and later it was said most of them had the flu. However, after Argentina got an undeserved 2-0 all looked over for France. But then Kylian MBappe proved once again why he is one of the best in the world by scoring 2 goals to equalise.Also, France got denied 2 obvious penalties which made my blood boil. FIFA was doing it again just like expected. The match went into overtime and bitch Messi got a lucky 3-2 only for MBappe to equalised the 3-3. The game ended in a draw and so the penalties came. Penalties are not skill. They are a lottery and Argentina had all the luck in the world. Messi got his world cup by FIFA bending over backwards to help Messi get his world cup. That was the last world cup football match I will ever watch. This was all so criminal, and the FIFA should be ashamed. The only consolation I have is that Maradona is still the man. Maradona didn’t need the FIFA and the hype machine to win a world cup with Argentina. Maradona also didn’t need penalties to win a world cup. He is the best ever no matter how many world cups FIFA would donate to Messi. Fuck Messi and fuck the FIFA.

After the final I went on the football world cup boards and saw a lot of Argentinians calling MBappe a monkey. Very classy. Also, a few days I saw photo of a casket in Argentina with MBappe’s photo on it. They burnt the casket. Another very classy act. As if the Argentinian football team didn’t already show enough bad sportsmanship during the tournament, so did their fans. They all embarrassed themselves and will have to live with the shame.

There was also a lot of criticism on Qatar organising the world cup. Of course, it was the LGBTQ-agenda trying to spread their shit in Qatar, but also a lot of western countries acted holier-than-thou. Especially Denmark and Germany embarrassed themselves big time. So, they got laughed off the stage when they got eliminated after the first round. Not to mention that a German player was mocking a Japanese player only for that same Japanese player to score the winning goal against them later in the match. How to fuck up your own reputation the German way.

And we saw history in the making too. Morocco was the first African team ever to reach a semi-final in the world cup and they did it with heart. Especially funny it was when they defeated Portugal with crybaby Cristiano Ronaldo. One thing I can say is that Qatar had the perfect organisation. Maybe the best organisation ever, since no English, German or French hooligan had the balls to start a riot there, which is a standard during every world cup. Also, the atmosphere in the stadiums was fantastic. Qatar held their head held up high despite the west trying to torpedo their reputation and I am so glad Qatar did. 


We lost some great ones this year.

Scott Hall

One of the most charismatic and legendary wrestlers Scott Hall passed away. His rise to fame came in the WWE when he was Razor Ramon. Razor Ramon was a Tony Montana rip-off that Vince McMahon like even if he never saw the movie himself. However, Scott Hall played Razor Roman with a lot of gusto so that he became one of the most famous wrestlers ever in WWE. Then he went to WCW and put WCW on the map which resulted in the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW. Scott Hall was such a charismatic performer, that you would never think he had a drinking problem. Well, he did and in the end, it caught up with him. It is a shame because he still had a lot to offer the wrestling world. R.I.P. chico.

George Pérez

Talk about a comic artist legend. I grew up on his Avengers, Fantastic Four and Teen Titans. George Perez had a very crisp style that I enjoyed a lot. He, Sal Buscema and Bill Mantlo were probably the guys who got me hooked on American comics and for that I can’t thank him and them enough. Too bad Disney shat all over their legacies. R.I.P. Legend

Neal Adams

Neal Adams was probably known most for his Batman or Deadman work. He is also known for introducing Ra’s Al Gul, one of Batman’s most noted adversaries. What people also don’t know is that Neal Adams had a great run-on X-Men that is often underrated. Next to that Adams drew Superman vs Muhammad Ali which is one of the most surreal and awesome comics ever made. Adams had a very distinctive style, and you could recognize it anywhere. Legendary artist in my eyes.

Ray Liotta

The guy with the sneaky face is no more. Ray Liotta’s big power, was that he could play untrustworthy characters better than anyone else. I didn’t see all of his movies but the ones I saw were great. He played great slime. There was also this running joke about people telling him they loved him in The Sopranos. The problem was he was never in the Sopranos.  The thing is, he would totally fit in that show, even if I never saw the show. But since it was about mafia slimy Ray Liotta would fit perfectly.

Fred Ward

Remo Williams, master of Sinanju is no more. Man, did I love that movie. It was one of those 80s gems that Asi would never watch. Fred Ward was also known for the fantastic first 2 Tremors movies. I am sure I was more movies with Fred Ward but those movies I mentioned always sticked out. The man was a cult actor and it is a shame there were never more Remo Williams movies. R.I.P. Remo.

Roger E. Mosley

How cool was TC in Magnum PI? Fucking cool. The brother with the chopper was cool AF. Fortunately, I don’t know him from anything else and I am to blame for that. Roger E Mosley made choppers cool.

I wanna fly that!

Albert Puyn
Brain Smasher. If that silly movie doesn’t ring a bell, you should check it out. Puyn was interesting director since a lot of people shit on him, but his Captain America movie was very enjoyable and so was his Van Damme movie Cyborg. I should definitely check out some more of his movies.


Before there as a Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Diego Armando Maradona and Wayne Gretzky there was a Pele. Pele was probably the first big sports star the world had ever known. Pele inspired a lot of black players to dream about a career in football. Pele inspired a lot of poor Brazilians. Pele put his country Brazil on the map. He was one of the best football (soccer) players ever and definitely more classy than any football player today. A man who showed football could be art and set the standard for what a football player should be. Too bad the standard has dropped big time, because football players of today are the biggest whiners around. And a very fun fact. Pele starred in a movie with Sylvester Stallone called Escape to Victory. A must-see for every football fan.

Bop's Heroes of 2022

Camille Vazquez

Now that’s a woman!
Need I say more? For all the women who strive to be a Kardashian, an Instagram ho or a Porta Potti take a look at Camille Vazquez. Now that’s a real woman with beauty, brains, femininity and integrity.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is another hero. He refused the vaccine and rightfully so. He missed a lot of matches for that and got vilified as the villain. The dude is a straight up hero. He stood by his principles. Not many of those around lately. Hero forever!

Idrissa gueye PSG player refusing to comply with the Alphabet-agenda

Idrissa Gueye is a football player from Senegal. He plays for the French club Paris Saint Germain which is one of the best football clubs in the world.People tried to cancel him because he refused to wear a pandering pro LGBTQ-jersey for a match. He got suspended from the match and he got fined. After that the snowflake, woke, SJW and LGBTQ scumbags tried to cancel him, but Idrissa stood tall. Idriss Gueye, you’re a hero and the world need more people like you.

Novak Djokovic

Was there any bigger hero than Novak Djokovic this year? I don’t think so. The Australians showed themselves from their absolute worst side by not allowing Djokovic to participate in the Australian Tennis Open, that Djokovic already had won 9 times. A tournament Novak Djokovic put on the map. He was going for his 10th, but instead they wanted notorious vaccine promotor Nadal and Bill Gates buttboy to win because they are in a neck-to-neck race about who has the most grand slam titles. 
Also, the Australian Open rules state that if a player wins the tournament 10 times, he is getting a statue in front of the tennis stadium and the stadium will get his name. Now, we can’t have an outsider get that, can we Australia? Djokovic went to court and won the first battle and was allowed to play, until the fascist Australian government decided to throw their weight around and came up with an excuse that Djokovic was a threat to national security. As if the Australian government didn’t fuck over their own people during the hoax, they threw away any credibility they had. I always wanted to visit Australia once, but now they can fuck off. Just like a lot of countries now can fuck off, after they showed their true colours.

If you have come this far reading this, thank you. It took me a lot of time to compile this.




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