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Bop’s Best (and Worst) of 2022!

Disclaimer: The Views and opinions expressed therein are those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Poptic Nerve. jus sayin! 2022 is almost over. It was a criminal year. Criminal because what Hollywood produced this year, but also criminal because of how much our politicians sold us out. Criminal for the gas and electricity bills coming up (thank you, false martyr Zelensky). For me the glass is always half full, but if we are realistic 2023 is gonna be a tougher year. But fuck that for now. Let’s go through the immense list of shit and sweets. Movies Shit List Loin du periph I always though Omar Sy made cool stuff, but man, this movie just sucked big time. It was not funny; it was boring, and the story was going nowhere. How the hell Omar Sy landed in that movie I don’t know but he should stay away from the director and the script write in the future. JFC. What a shitty movie. H4Z4RD Take a world-famous DJ and give him a movie to make. The crap resul

It's a Wrap! PN's Top TV Series Finales of 2022!

Such as ye Olde saying goes, "All good things must come to an end" and when it comes to television series, 2020 was the year that many shows have reached their final seasons. In this list, I am referring to popular shows that despite being canceled, their endings provided adequate closure as opposed to being unceremoniously axed, leaving their plotlines in limbo. And here we go! Dexter New Blood  Yeah, we know how the original series based on the vigilante had a very disappointing ending, that left many fans upset, but in the case of, be careful what you wish for, the Revival series of 2021, "New Blood" has Dexter Morgan under a new "guise" kill those who hurt or exploit others, as old habits die hard. During the unexpected final episode, Dexter's past has caught up to him, as his identity has been discovered by his love interest who happens to be a cop, on the lam, once again, Dexter is confronted by his son and dies via patricide. Another bummer of a