Strike Back Strikes Hard!

Reviewed and Written by Bop 

Someone recently asked me what I think are the TV shows with most action. There were 2 that came up in my mind right away and they were Gangs Of London and Human Target. And then I remembered Strike Back. I had to finish Strike Back.
Strike Back is a Cinemax show, that started years ago, but I quite somewhere in season 2. My reason was that I am not really into soldier and war stuff. I hate war, because they are always caused by wimpy pencil-neck geeks or just all around bitch scumbags who have never been in a fistfight in their life. Also, the show was full of propaganda and I hate propaganda.
However, I read Michelle Yeoh appeared in season 5 so I had to watch season 5. If you don’t know who Michelle Yeoh is, you deserve a slap. But not the type of slap a pencil-neck geek would give you.

Does this ring a bell?

So I started watching Strike Back season 5 and totally forgot how action packed Strike Back was. Season 5 was no exception and made me restart the whole show again.
Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are very convincing as badass soldiers and they don’t look like pussy lotion boys.They totally carry the show and are quite the find.
What I do like about the show, when I don’t look at the propaganda in it, is a lot. The locations, the tension, the violence, the action and the despicable pencil-neck geeks. I find it quite realistic how it is always the pencil-neck geeks who cause war but also betray their own soldiers. Being a soldier is a thankless job in Strike Back but also in real life.
Strike Back is a show that deserves attention, if not for the action alone. If you didn’t see it, start now. However, you only need to watch the first 5 seasons since Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton quit and the last 3 seasons contained pussy lotion boys and other bullshit.
Strike Back will strike you and it will strike you hard.