Godspeed, Bruce. Kevin Conroy 1955-2022

Well, this week ended on a sobering note. Voice actor Kevin Conroy has died at the age of 66, due to complications from Cancer. Conroy is mostly for his iconic voiceover role as the Dark Knight within the DC Animated Universe, beginning with the critically acclaimed Batman The animated series, Batman Beyond, various DCAU films, Justice League/Unlimited and the Arkham and INJUSTICE videogames published by WB Games.

Conroy was the perfect voice as Batman when it came to the DC signature character's stoic approach, and even as his alter ego Bruce Wayne, a calm yet savvy billionaire.
Aside from his acting career, Conroy had volunteered to cook for police officers and firefighters during a relief effort after the September11th attacks in which he expressed his surprise at the reaction of the emergency service workers in his presence. (Conroy called out from the kitchen to the dining area in his "Batman voice", reciting the infamous line from the animated series episode, "Nothing to Fear": , "I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!" This was greeted by cheers and applause from emergency service personnel, many who were fans of Batman: The Animated Series during its initial run throughout the 1990s. 

Conroy confessed to being humbled and deeply flattered by the reaction. Despite being a voice actor, to many, Conroy was and still is the best Batman ever! 
Conroy is survived by his spouse, Vaughn C. Williams.

Thanks for all your amazing contributions, and rest in eternity Mr. Conroy.