Ollie's Litterbox: F**king Enough!

Hello fuckers, you're boy Ollie back by popular demand! And by that definition, Stalks the founder of this “illustrious” successor site to Talkbacker, or the failure that was Flop Axis, asked me to write another op-ed, as he is taking a well-deserved break this Memorial weekend.

And speaking of which, this month has been very sobering as there have been so many senseless deaths starting with more casualties from Putin's invasion of Ukraine, because Putin is about to exit, stage left after getting diagnosed with a terminal blood cancer so he thought he would pull one last "dick measuring contest" by attacking innocent Women and Children.  But therein lies hope, as the Ukrainian army joined forces with the Neo Nazi group AZOV are fending off the Rooskie invaders, um, "yea..!"
Oh, and they are making there way to the states under that senile old bastard Biden, so expect more violent and racist outbreaks coming!

Then, some White Supremacist piece of shit loser, decided to carry out his racist ideologies by shooting elderly black women in the head among a few others with high grade military firearms, because well, he's another pussy as with Dylan Roof who chose soft targets instead of taking their ire to da Hood, because those bitches would get blasted on-site.
So much for "White Power."

Around 10 were killed during the massacre one of the victims was a former Police officer and scientist who tried to stop the racist who unfortunately wore bulletproof armor.
He's probably the same loser who shot and killed some black guy who won a Videogame tournament because he felt privileged and should have won instead. But as for the shooter whose name won’t be mentioned, he's gonna be someone preferably, a black inmate's "bottom bitch." Now that's a fate far worse than death! Prepare your anus! 😸

And as if the tragic Buffalo massacre wasn't bad enough, this evil twat decided to do a one upmanship to go out and murder a school full of children in Uvalde Texas, most were only 10 years old!! What makes it worse, is that the police waited for nearly an hour before anyone can storm in and apprehend the shooter Salvador Ramos. I guess those officers "feared for their lives" while children were screaming begging for help.

 That's the police for ya, they'll jump on an unarmed citizen, especially a black person, yet wont rush in to save helpless children from one shooter. Meanwhile, in unapologetic fashion, The NRA staged a convention which included biggest losers like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Greg Abbot as attendees, while outside of the convention they were flooded with Anti-gun protesters, and rightfully so!
 I mean who in the fuck would allow anyone to just purchase weapons that look straight out of Call of Duty?? And without extensive background checks!

Guns aren't being used for self-defense these days, it’s for cowards like the Buffalo bitch and Ramos to circumvent their evil thoughts while clout chasing.  It’s not about "Mental Health," that's a fucking cop out as most people who have MH issues, would not go out and purchase a cache of firearms and kill innocents.  If that's the case, you might as well excuse Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, J Edgar Hoover (See what I just did there?) for being "Mentally ill" when in fact, they were evil af!

It was believed that the shooter Salvador Ramos, was a Transgender, but that theory was debunked. And no, I’m not insinuating that it was his sexual orientation that made him kill innocents, as I'm sure Transgenders don't go on murder spree., unless your "Buffalo Bill" from Silence of the Lambs of course! Now in the irony of ironies, one of the Uvalde victim's parents, was a staunch defender of the notorious Kyle Rittenhouse, who showed up at a protest or riot against racial injustice, looking for trouble, of course and killed two unarmed protestors then walked!

If anyone should be held accountable, it’s those damn gun lobbyists who advocate for conveniently procuring Assault rifles under the "2nd Amendment " constitution which is a very outdated ideology.

Just look at how America has the highest death rate by school shootings in the free world! Oh, aint you sooo "patriotic!" America's gun culture is a joke, but no one is laughing, as the joke is on them, and the NRA is facing bankruptcy while political shills like Cruz and Abbot have blood on their hands and the uncertainty of being re-elected.
Hopefully, these horrific actions will finally make Congress act for stricter gun control legislation, instead of empty platitudes "Thoughts and prayers." Anyone who uses that weak slogan, should be avoided on-site!

So, with that said, death is an unfortunate part of life that we all must face eventually.
so, while you muricans are out having your barbecues and beer, please reflect on those fallen, who no longer have the privileges of celebrating holidays or gathering with friends and families because of gun violence.

Be kind to one another.....oh, fuck that, it isn’t gonna happen, since It’s in the DNA of you hairless monkeys to kill everything, amirite?


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