Be (Very) Careful What You Ask For...

In current news, a passenger on the Jet Blue airline initiated trouble with Heavyweight Boxing legend, Mike Tyson and didn't expect what was about to come....or did he?

Regardless, that troll who provoked Tyson had it coming and many others like him, who start shit. I don't have to be a clinical psychologist to explain reasons behind provokers or provocateurs cause trouble other than say, they're miserable incels incapable of getting laid, or pissed off that they are not getting enough attention when they were a child. Or maybe they are just failures in life and if you exist mostly to incite trouble to those who don’t deserve it, perhaps you need to get "checked."

Now while the internet can be a good thing, whether its obtaining information, communicating with like-minded peers having friendly discourse, there's that undeniable toxicity floating around like shit in a swimming pool, and just as unwelcomed. Troll Culture!

Ever since I have been on the nets, I've seen plenty of these keyboard cowards who feel too comfortable when spewing their bullshit, from the safe confines of their bedrooms or basements, whether it’s the chatrooms from 20 years ago, AICN, open threads, DH, the now defunct Birth Movies Death and other sites which ain't worth mentioning. Hell, there were even some trolls from the also defunct Talkbacker and Supernaughts era, who in retrospect shouldn't be triggered because they get no points for harassing someone behind a screen when I know, had they said that shit to me in person, it won't end as well as they would expect. Just sayin.

Tyson has received plenty of support for how he handled the situation, from Ice T to Gene Simmons of KISS! Just for putting in that work!
Some may be quick to label trolling as "Toxic Masculinity " but its "Toxic Femininity" because guys who take snipes at someone because they disagree, clout chasers, or just haters, is more of a feminine trait because Being catty from what you call a “safety net,” makes you a pussy. This goes for the Alt-Righties, Dusty Dudes and far-left SWJs! Lets not forget how Director Uwe Boll handled his most harshest critics..!

No shame in my game that I was happy to watch that clip of Tyson pummeling that bitch on the plane after he harassed and threw a water bottle at him and got what he deserved. Although I have criticized “Iron Mike" in the past, I gotta hand him props for showing a modicum of restraint as in not breaking that fool's jaw! By the way, for those who are quick to callout Tyson for striking that passenger, allow me to inform you that this joker was a criminal who had a few priors. Just sayin. "When privilege goes astray!"

As ye ole saying goes: "Don't start none, and they'll be none!"


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