Moon Knight Trailer w/opinions.

Okay, its what most of us have all been waiting for, as in Marvel's Moon Knight trailer!
This long awaited series courtesy of Disney Plus stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant who works as a souvenir shop employee who experiences a set of blackouts. Grant's bizarre "visions" eventually has him going under the vigilante persona "Moon Knight". I've been somewhat of a fan of MK, since my first introduction of the character during the Defenders run and especially  those well written and illustrated Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz's issues.

Sure, he's a Batman "knockoff", but Knight's concept is more intriguing  when you throw in mythological backdrop and dissociative identity disorder, the new term for "schizophrenia".
To me, it's still a teaser trailer, but there were enough hints from the Comic's lore  that somewhat answered, my inquires. Isaac playing a Middle-eastern, would make sense regarding the Khonsu mythology. So this may not be just for the sake of diverse "swapping".
In my opinion, I can see how Spector could be a direct descendant of the Khonsu God. That or he's just "out there". Judging from what I have seen, the psychological sub narrative combined with the series' darker tone, especially when you factor in Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Assault on Precinct 13 and The Good Lord Bird) as a fanatical cult leader modeled after David Koresh of the Waco siege, this latest entry to the streaming platform shows plenty of promise!
 Moon Knight arrives March 30th on Disney Plus.