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And now Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. “So, turn of your lights"!

It’s been 25 years as of May, when Home Box Office aka HBO, debuted one of its best original programming series that earned an Emmy as well as high critical acclaim. And guess what? It’s a cartoon based on a not so obscure Comicbook! For those few of you who aren't aware of this series, Spawn was one of the very first characters published by then new contender, Image Comics, a company formed by former artists from Marvel who felt screwed over by not having control of their creations. A lesson they witnessed after learning about Marvel's horrible mistreatment of Jack Kirby. Spawn like so many other concepts from Image Comics, is derivative from Marvel's characters be it the aesthetics or simply, his origins. When it comes to his bizarre attire, he's part Ghost Rider, Deadpool, and Spider-Man, which is of no surprise since Todd MacFarlane used to illustrate the Marvel comic prior to the great exodus. Narrative wise, there’s a slight comparison to tragic heroes like Deathl

The Overground Popcast: Dark Knights

In this segment, our "Knights of the armchair critics' roundtable, "give their brutally honest opinions on The Batman. Also deconstructing 1982's dystopian classic, Blade Runner!

Alien 3: That baldheaded Stepchild of the franchise

Yes, that featured pic (above) says it all! As with Batman Returns, 1992 also marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most disappointing sequels in Cinematic history. That would be Alien 3, the follow-up to 1986's Sci-Fi/Horror blockbuster Aliens, however the third time was not a charm because not only could it not measure up to James Cameron's brilliant spin on the franchise, but overall was a dour mess of a sequel. The film starts off with survivors Ellen Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Newt and Bishop the Android traveling back to earth but just when you thought there would be a happy ending for our heroes, you're in for a rude awakening! While the Sulacco's passengers are in a state of cyrosleep, the ship's automated defense systems have ejected them via contained escape pod courtesy of an unwanted stowaway who has caused a fire, with Ripley being the only human passenger who survived the crash on Furiosa a prison planet inhabited by murderers and rapists. (Whic

Thank You, George.

It seems as if the bad news keeps on coming. After learning of Neal Adams' unexpected passing, I found out yesterday, that influential comic artist and legend George Perez has succumbed to his short battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Usually, when someone mentions George Perez, the first thing that comes to mind, is either Teen Titans or his amazing stint on the Avengers. The latter is what introduced me to this extraordinary artist who left a big impression during his stint on the comic, which he along with Writer Dave Micheline, introduced co created characters such as Jocasta and my favorite, the Taskmaster whose unique abilities made him a formidable foe to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and despite his rather outlandish appearance, (This was the late seventies, y’know.) I thought he had a distinct attire with the skull mask under the hood followed by blue, orange and white accents. Then there's the shield with the scalloped "T" in the middle. Sure, he made a few appea

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Non Spoiler Review!)

Twenty Years ago, influential Director Sam Raimi released the first Spider-Man film to theaters which garnered critical praise, huge box office reception and further cementing Marvel's credibility within cinema, greenlighting movies such as Iron Man which laid the groundwork for the MCU. So, it’s good that Marvel Studios have tapped Raimi to direct the second sequel based on their in-house Sorcerer Supreme and who's better than to have Raimi utilize his batshit creativity to helm this project? Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness features our Sorcerer Supreme Superhero played by Benedict Cumberbatch and most importantly, marks the director's return from a long hiatus from both Marvel and horror cinema and personally, it’s great to see him back in the game! Now, if many of you plan to dive into this sequel without any familiarity or the titular character, I strongly advise you to watch both Wandavision and the What If episodes on Disney Plus which is a prerequisite and serve

Avengers (2012) Both a Blessing and a Curse!

Screenwriter and Director Josh Wheldon has been in a lot of hot water following accusations of gross misconduct that made him a pariah within the Hollywood circles and his diminishing fanbase however, we can't overlook his biggest and best contribution to cinema and that is 2012's Avengers, the first official ensemble Superhero movie unlike any other. After the unparalleled success from 2008's Iron Man, Marvel Studios gained more confidence and capital thanks to the movie that served as a tentpole to what would become the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Studio head Kevin Fiege cranked out more films based on the comics' intellectual properties with Thor and Captain America The First Avenger. The latter showing a jaw dropping post credits scene that had moviegoers anticipating spring, 2012. At the movie's opening scene, the leader of an Extraterrestrial army called the Chutari, forms an alliance with Loki the God of Mischief, who is also Thor Odinson's brother to ensu