Closing Arguments

"In our country, you can shoot and kill a n-gga but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings." 

Comedian Dave Chappelle stirred up controversy once again thanks to his latest Netflix special The Closer which he made jokes presumed at the "expense" of the LGBTQ community, primarily Transgenders.

Of course, a swift backlash from the likes of GLAAD along other LGBTQ organizations and "Pop Culture " Websites occurred as soon as the special had aired on the streaming giant however, these protests have been countered by Chappelle's supporters who have legitimate claim that Chappelle's humor is not as "Transphobic " or encourage those to commit violent acts against Transgenders and the LGBTQ community.  Those who were quick to call for Dave's cancelation, has either,

1.Not watched the Closer special.

2. Are too ignorant to understand how Dave often talked about his friend a White Transgender Comedienne, who killed herself after her own community chastised her for defending Dave's humor.

3. Manufacturing knee-jerk outrage as a means of promoting their agenda while once again, using a Black Man as a proxy.

It’s probably 2 & 3 as morbid curiosity has led so many to watch The Closer.
Chappelle's subscription to this nomenclature called "TERF" caught the ire of many within the LGBTQ community where Jaclyn Moore showrunner of Netflix's "Dear White People" is threatening to leave the Streaming service unless they remove Dave Chappelle. Moore is a Transexual who accuses the Stand-Up Comedian of promoting hatred against Transgenders, which is not the case, you see just because Chappelle believes in only two genders albeit TERF as in, trans-exclusionary radical feminist who do not consider trans women as real women and support the exclusion of trans women from women's safe spaces, and opposition to transgender rights legislation. 

I just think it’s funny how a White Transgender Showrunner of a black oriented series (Dear White People) is complaining about a few jokes from a black observation Comedian.  Moore and those like him/her can't handle Chappelle's honesty who complemented the LGBTQ community by acknowledging their progress that has nearly succeeded the black struggle. Then you have a so called pro black organization that is more of an affront for the LGBTQ, who also wants Chappelle canceled but it’s not going to happen since he refuses to back down like Kevin Hart who apologized for silly tweets he made many years ago!!!

During the last five years Hollywood has ushered in more LGBTQ Black characters to carry the "agenda" like this trojan horse and it's insincere, and kinda devious. Black people should not be carrying the water for a group that is not as marginalized as they are. That is the transparency they don't care for as there are far whiter LGBTQ than blacks. This is a subtle form of Buck Breaking and unwarranted. 

"We Blacks, we look at the gay community and we go “Goddamn it! Look how well that movement is going."

Chappelle clearly aimed his unapologetic comments toward White LGBTQ because of their veiled racism yet claim to be oppressed. How can you be "oppressed " when you can and have hidden your sexual preference until it was safe to "come out?"

Black people never had that "luxury " of hiding their ethnicity, nor should they. What the Closer has ignited within today's Culture Wars, is not going to die down as more people from various backgrounds are losing impatience from this new form of bullying. The same bullying that caused a Transgender person to take her own life. While I support Equality across the board, that doesn't mean, being apathetic to those who were once oppressed, now the oppressors whether it’s the Irish, Italians or the Gay community. (And yes, Dave called out black people for attacking Asians, albeit in a manner of some bait and switch joke context.)

Comedy is the last bastion of free speech and if you silence or rather "cancel", expect consequences as a backlash is inevitable!