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What happens when Superheroes who are lionized as all around infallible do-gooders, flip the script by going rogue? All because of "one bad day"? Well, DC's INJUSTICE animated feature answers the question with their take on the hugely popular Netherworld Superhero fighting game! Set in an alternate reality, (i mean where else can you take extreme liberties when demoralizing a well-established pop culture icon?) The Joker plays the worst practical joke on the Man of Steel which in turn serves as the catalyst for our "big blue boyscout" going on some super "jihad"  along with Wonder Woman to establish some initiative to put an end to crime, war and terrorism on a global scale while several members within the Justice League questions his extreme motives, that can, and will lead to a totalitarian regime! Those familiar with the comics and especially the videogames know how this plays out however, the animated feature took certain liberties when changing a

Closing Arguments

"In our country, you can shoot and kill a n-gga but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings."  Comedian Dave Chappelle stirred up controversy once again thanks to his latest Netflix special The Closer which he made jokes presumed at the "expense" of the LGBTQ community, primarily Transgenders. Of course, a swift backlash from the likes of GLAAD along other LGBTQ organizations and "Pop Culture " Websites occurred as soon as the special had aired on the streaming giant however, these protests have been countered by Chappelle's supporters who have legitimate claim that Chappelle's humor is not as "Transphobic " or encourage those to commit violent acts against Transgenders and the LGBTQ community.  Those who were quick to call for Dave's cancelation, has either, 1.Not watched the Closer special. 2. Are too ignorant to understand how Dave often talked about his friend a White Transgender Comedienne, who killed herself after her own co

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Trailer

After nearly 20 Years, a far more canonical albeit superior adaptation of Capcom’s Survival Horror series is finally here! This trailer as many of you have already seen, gives you the general idea of how the studios throw in fan service footage that is rife with Easter eggs!  Here are two trailers, although both are virtually the same, the music may or may not be to your liking.  So,I have taken the liberties of omitting that annoying song from the 4 Non-Blondes and replaced it with the J-Rock theme of the OG Resident Evil intro. 

The Weekly Wrap: "Whatchoo been Watching?"

So, with some time on my hands, I watched a few films and specials, you know how that saying goes: "So many stream channels, so little time?" Anyways, here's a selected lot of hits and misses, I laid my eyes upon. Marvel's Season Finale of "What If..? " What I liked about "What If ..?” Episode 9 was how all the events from the previous episodes have culminated the protagonists into some Dirty Dozen mission with Uatu recruiting his band of "Avengers" to stop Infinity Ultron before he destroys the Multiverse.  This all-star finale pays homage to several MCU films via Easter Eggs and callbacks but despite episode 9's potential, the dialog is bogged down by silly banter that is too Disneyesque for my tastes. I guess writer AC Bradley was trying to make up for the previous nihilistic episodes albeit a weak attempt. However, the is one shining spot during the mid-credits so there's that. Dave Chappelle's The Closer Dave is back for anoth