What if.."Zombies!" Spoiler free Review

Marvel’s animated anthology throws in one bleak surprise after another and the latest is of no exception other than further pushing the envelope! In the latest installment, our ominous host The Watcher proposes, what if “Earth’s Mightiest heroes” became the world’s biggest threat? Marvel Zombies!!
What If ……Zombies?! Is reminiscent to that Heavy Metal segment, B-52 which was my second favorite installment from the 1981 animated fantasy film. Not as gory, but very violent for a Disney project.

Our revised Infinity War scenario begins with Bruce banner plummets to earth in time to warn his fellow Avengers of the incoming threat from Thanos but unfortunately, his “homecoming reception” is not being well reciprocated by his teammates! But is spared a horrific fate thanks to what's left of Marvel's heroes. But for how long can they survive while searching for a cure to this plague?

The dialogue can get too comical at times especially when our heroes are faced against the direst situations. I’m not sure whether this episode was partially inspired by the Zombieland films or its just Disney’s typical goofiness. (No pun intended)One of the most memorable lines was when Peter Parker asked General Okoye if she watches Horrors Movies, and her response was "American reality shows!" Overall, episode 5 does a remarkable job when adapting Robert Kirkman’s Horror inspired limited series which its self-contained universe, was basically a “What if”. The writers took certain liberties when explaining the origins of the Zombie strain and it makes more sense when you factor in the connective tissue between the episode and its MCU roots. Also, how one character serves as the center of the story arc. However, they left in the part where Black Panther is being used as a “snack.”

As with the previous what if episodes there’s a huge who’s who of actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that carried over their talents for the animated stories one in particular, was the late Chadwick Boseman I can’t say that this was his last role, but if so, at least his character T’challa didn’t go out like the other mightiest heroes. This episode featured quite a few callbacks, most subtle but if you have been invested in zombie genre films or horror films in general, you can spot the tropes and clich├ęs yards away.
The animation courtesy of SQUEEZ is one of the best I have seen from any cartoon series or movie, this should be the new standard of animating science fiction, superhero or even horror adaptations!
What if..Zombies ends on a positive note well, until that last remaining 3 seconds but that’s always been part of the series and comics’ coda, nihilistic but thought provoking. Be warned, if there is a favorite character from this episode, expect to realize that he or she may not make it through the end!

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