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10 Amazing Facts About Jack Kirby!

"You've heard of the Marvel Universe right? Well, I invented it! " (Not sure if that's an actual quote from the King, but many of us believe it to be true. Artist, Writer, influencer and most importantly, King! Jack Kirby's contributions to both Marvel and DC has been the foundation of not only comics as we all know, but Pop Culture in general! Here are the Ten things you may not know about Jack "King" Kirby! He created the Black Panther It was Jack's idea to create the first black Superhero as he recanted in a rare interview, where he questioned why Black people weren’t being represented? Although Marvel and Stan Lee gave the go ahead for creating what would be the first black Superhero of comicdom, his original character sketch who would be dubbed "Coal Tiger" was a both naive if not condescending. It was perhaps, Lee's input that further implemented upon Kirby's "prototype " sketch and name, ergo, Black Panther and the

What if.." Episode 3 Review: What if the World lost its Mightiest Heroes?

So far, Marvel's What if..? Animated series has yet to disappoint me. In the latest installment, the omnipotent observer known as Uatu or for the uninitiated, The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) asks: "What if the World lost its Mightiest Heroes as in The Avengers. This episode takes several events from the early Marvel Cinematic Universe solo projects, prior to 2012's ensemble Superhero movie then retcons nearly everything that we were accustomed to.  Nick Fury continues his plans on assembling a team of Heroes to fight threats from beyond, that he refers to as the "Avengers Initiative " which sounds great on paper however, there's one thing missing-the candidates! Throughout this Whodunit episode, the potential Avengers beginning with Tony Stark, are killed by mysterious circumstances one by one and it’s up to Natasha Romanoff who is blamed for Stark's untimely demise, to find out who was behind these attacks on the would be "Earths Mightiest Heroes "

Spider-Man No Way Home Teaser Trailer.

Here is the much anticipated teaser Trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home which is scheduled for release this December. It looks promising unlike the upcoming Eternals movie, IMO. The premise is loosely based on the comic One More Day but this time Peter parker aka Spider-Man doesn't have to make a deal with the Devil in order to protect the ones he loves by removing his identity from the public.

Snake Eyes: G.I.Joe Origins (Semi Spoiler Talk)

Ever since Toy manufacturer Hasbro has finally initiated their plans for a "Cinematic Universe " starting with 2017's Bumblebee which showed promise, the next obvious choice would be G.I. Joe, you know, the franchise that made the company a household name? Well, instead of going for another ensemble action movie as with the previous Joe films, some studio executive decided to continue the trend of self-contained character-based prequels ala Bumblebee, Wolverine and Solo. But at what cost? Directed by Robert Schwentke of R.I.P.D (Already that's a red flag.) Snake Eyes is based on the iconic 80's G.I. Joe A Real American Hero line of action figures, vehicles, cartoons and most importantly, the Marvel comics-this is where the black clad Ninja Commando's mythos came into play, thus gained prominence as the most popular character from the franchise, thanks to Comic scribe Larry Hama. Although Snake Eyes made his live action appearance during the two previous G.I. J

Get your ass off Mars! Ghosts of Mars @ 20

2021 marks the anniversaries of four films directed by the Maestro himself, John Carpenter.  What makes it more interesting, is how they are relate to each other, be it self-homages, sequels, or spiritual successors. 20 years ago, one from Carp's "Quadrilogy " debuted with a less than favorable reception but still an entertaining entry from The Horror Master. In 2001's Ghosts of Mars, Man has finally reached beyond the stars, the mysterious Red Planet, Mars is (finally) inhabited by the mining colony, and the air is breathable thanks to terraforming. But all does not seem well, as the Martian occupants are not happy with Gentrification. Parts of the colony has been possessed and in turn, causing a massacre spree throughout the city with well over 90 percent were slaughtered and a criminal who goes by the name of James "Desolation" Williams is blamed for the mass murders and the Martian Police Force has been dispatched to take him in, but it's not that si

Pop Topix' Weekly Wrap 8-20-21

Another week, another segment of Pop Topix's Weekly Wrap where I handpick the more interesting pop culture topics for the week ending on August 20, 2021. Let's get to it! That was quick: Snake Eyes and Green Knight arrives on home streaming, after less than a month of their theatrical releases!! The Covid pandemic has once again, impacted the motion picture industry. Just when studios were feeling a bit of confidence when distributing films like Black Widow, Suicide Squad and the G.I. Joe spinoff prequel, Snake Eyes, unfortunately the Box office returns has all but crushed their optimism due to less than expected audience turnout in theaters, due to concerns about the Delta variant that originated from India and England. So, as a preemptive measure, Paramount who released Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins "only in theaters" July 23, 2021 with a budget of $88–110 million, resulting in a Box office gross of $30 million, had distributed the prequel recently as in 8-16-21 as a