Defining "Wokeness"

“I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.”
-Captain America The First Avenger

So, here we are approaching Memorial Day where thousands upon thousands of American soldiers from various races and cultures have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and the luxury to have "Barbecues and Summer getaways" instead of taking time to honor the dead, but hey, " That's America!"😉

Also as of note, this day marks the 100th anniversary one of the many brutal atrocities committed upon a group of innocent civilians, primarily Black People. In Tulsa Oklahoma, there was a thriving community of well to do citizens who flourished despite the harsh racism they were faced, with. It was labeled "Black Wall Street " because of its lucrative economic businesses via self-starters who were black.And to think how it took an HBO series, to make most aware of the Tulsa massacre when people like us, knew about these horrific events decades ago!

But as with Rosewood, Florida another successful Black community, has been destroyed by false accusations of a White Woman, no due process or anything because the surrounding White population used those allegations as a proxy to kill, harm and decimate Blacks and their livelihoods because, Jealousy!

Fast forward to the age of information, where there is more awareness of America’s past and present injustices committed upon Black people, and with it, the pushback courtesy of Grassroots activism and the new Black Media who are carrying the torch from Elders MLK, Malcolm X, John Henry Clarke and Fred Hampton among many others.

Growing up as a Black male, I was aware of racism, bigotry, and White Supremacy.  It's a no-brainer how I experienced it firsthand but I'm not one to call the racists out, hell I even had the satisfaction of giving two unfortunate individuals, a beatdown when they didn't come correct, but I digress. So yeah, I have for the most part, is prone to racial awareness. So, how do I define being "Woke", a term that has been thrown around to refute or downplay atrocities committed by whites?

Well, the vernacular does not pertain to LGBTQ, Trans nor Asians being cast in a Superhero movie! Hell no, the true meaning of Wokeness is about being socially conscientious and pre-defined as Black people, who are the most marginalized and mistreated race in America, to stand up and fight for our  rights, share economic power and survival.

Wokeness does not mean having others co opt into our struggles as a means to benefit their own agendas. Ironically, many of the other marginalized groups,i.e. White Women have benefitted from White Supremacy in the past and after Trump came into power, more have revealed their "true colors".  To be honest, in some ways, Trump being in office was a good thing as he (unintentionally of course.) helped to ignite the counterculture movement against racial injustice. Obama's lackadaisical approach to Blacks being murdered wholesale either by KKKops or hoodrat thugs, was not of any help.
Closet White Supremacist Bill Maher, James Carville, the brainless GOP and belligerent dweebs from certain Pop Culture sites and open threads are shaking in their panties because they are either uncomfortable or in some way, shape or form, feel threatened as if the "Woke Police" is going to remove their privileges. And you know what, this is good!

George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's murders were horrific, but at the same time, it served as a catalyst to expose in your face White Supremacy and then systemic racism, forcing accountability more so than White guilt.This is the result for all the ills that were/are inflicted upon people of color and by that definition, I’m primarily referencing Black People. Not Feminists who were responsible for their role in dismantling, deflecting if not causing harm to black causes and black people, in general, only to highlight their self interests, from Suffragette to CIAgent Gloria Steinem. That said, my utmost respect goes to those who have unselfishly supported Black activism from various backgrounds!

Black Americans not only fought and died for this country, but fucking built it and by force! Whenever they tried to fit into society, they for the most part, were met with scorn, implicit bias, systemic racial oppression (Lack of opportunities, locked into poor communities, widened wealth gaps and an unfair Crime Bill law developed by Joe Biden where there is a disparity between rock and powdered cocaine. The latter having less harsh offenses imposed while some received very harsh sentences for possession of Marijuana which is now decriminalized. and sanction murders enacted through the police. Is this what happens when a race contributes to defending this country through so many wars, post slavery?

Being Woke does not consist of faux outrage over every little comment or joke that others feel uncomfortable with. The fake outrage and reaction stems from these Pseudo Justice Warriors who try to call others out for give "credence” to clout or make themselves feel validated when in actuality, they are just as flawed as the ones they often attack. That’s Cancel Culture, not Wokeness you imbeciles!

Exhibit “ABCDEF”, is how the LGBTQ strong armed Black comedians like Kevin Hart, to go on an apology tour for past offensives jokes, when I can recall a racist and closet Homosexual like J Edgar Hoover having his part in dismantling the Black Panther Party as well as Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination. Hell, I heard how the White Homosexuals often discriminate against Black gays.
As for the "Rainbow" theme, wasn't that originally from Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Collation, which had nothing to do with the LGBTQ agenda? And while I'm at it, Patrisse Cullors and her Black Lives Matter organization has been exposed as a fraud! This is what "wokeness" looks like, being aware of ponzis and scamming opportunists who would benefit from the suffering of others. And it goes further, when deconstructing hidden agendas within the media, case in point, this poster. Notice how the Black Man is nowhere to be found as the lamestream media is shoehorning the Black female as the forefront of the movement? This imagery is not so sleight of hand, but  trick bag symbolism!

Legendary Comedian Paul Mooney, Rest In Power, was Gay, yet a major icon within the Black community and the Comedy Circuit courtesy of his activism and being outspoken against systemic racism.He among a few other great elders, served as my inspiration when going against white supremacy and their enablers.It sure as hell wasn't the Black Christians, who are quick to forgive when not singing hymns and Psalm songs. Well, "God forgives, I don't!"😉
With so many aware of the past attrocities, be it Black Media or Documentaries like HBO's Exterminate the Brutes, statues of mass murderers like Christopher Columbus, etc are being defaced. Long overdue!

Now, my track record of fighting against White Supremacy has always been consistent and unwavering.  Sure, it cost loss of friends, ladyfriends and even a job which I wanted to leave on my own terms anyway, but I regret nothing! I am certain of how I didn't win over many fans during my tenor at Talkbacker, the Supernaughts or when commenting on AICN threads for being this "dissident ", but I could care less. Those sites are dead if not obsolete and PN is my voice without boundaries, so yeah, i'm good. And so are many others who are "awakened" after a long slumber.

Mic drop.