Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5 ReCap

Spoiler reaction!

" They would never let a Black Man be Captain America..and if they did, no self-respecting Black Man would ever be."

And the truth shall set ye free!

So here we are with this penultimate episode of Disney's Falcon and the Winter Soldier which despite being low on action, is one of the better eps of this long-awaited series!
In this 5th episode approximately named, "Truth", John Walker, the new Captain America has eluded the public after bringing disgrace to America's shinning symbol. John is confronted by Sam and Bucky and after refusing to surrender the shield, there is a skirmish shades of Iron Man vs Cap and Bucky. Walker takes the fall and attends a hearing where he is not only reprimanded but advise cease any further moves and relinquish his shield or face severe penalties.

After the briefing, in steps Valentina Allegra de Fontaine aka the Contessa played by Julia Louis Dreyfus?? Who makes John an offer he cannot refuse, then whispers this dirty little secret, that the shield does not belong to the government (When,the material is likely "property of Wakanda"!) Valentina or Val for short, hands John a card with nothing on it, implying that he may be back in action as a black ops USAgent of "SHIELD?"

Meanwhile, in his native land Sokovia,  Zemo is approached by Bucky and after telling James that he is as naive as his best friend and mentor Steve Rogers,  Bucky points a pistol to Zemo's head, who accepts his fate only to be spared and taken into custody by the Doja Milaje.  Before departing, James asks Oya for one more "favor".

Sam returns the shield to Isiah Bradley and this is where episode 5 lives up to its title: The Truth! Bradley mentions how Black soldiers were mistreated after help saving the World from the Axis only to experience that other familiar evil.

Isiah then reminisces how his men were injected with a vaccine that was supposed to prevent tetanus, when in fact it was the prototype Super Soldier serum.  This was obviously a metaphor about the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, where Black G.I.s were injected with syphilis without them knowing of course.) Sam takes the shield and leaves Isiah in peace and rightfully so.

In Louisiana, Bucky meets up with Sam and hands him a "present" from Wakanda, I already have a good idea of what the content inside the case is, since this scene was a callback from the Captain America comics. While helping Sam fix his sister's boat, James introduces himself to Sarah, giving her a flirtatious glance but Sam aint having it. I guess after being in Wakanda surrounded by the Doja Milaje for so long, Bucky has taken a liking to the Sistas. 😉

Another one of the standouts was the scene where Sam and James practice shield slinging in an open area.Bucky confesses how he question Steve giving the shield to a Black Man which was an admission of his own prejudice and realized he was wrong, I mean c'mon, James grew up in an era where Blacks were deemed third class and although it’s no excuse for his ignorance, or White guilt, what mattered is his realization of Sam being worthy and Bucky readjusting to a new world.

Then there is a cheesy training montage ala Rocky followed by Karli meeting up with Batroc who has a personal score to settle with the Falcon after the events from the first episode. While the GRC meeting is taking place in New York City, Karli uses her cellphone to wake up a group of Sleeper Cell Flag Smashers to disrupt the GRC counsel.

Sam opens the mysterious case and BAM! Cut to credits..but wait!
In traditional Marvel staple, since Daredevil, we are treated to a mid-credits scene where Walker is banging on a piece of metal in some workshop. Is he building an armor like Tony Stark working with a "bunch of scraps, in a cave??" Of course not. Like I said, those of you who read the comics of old, knew where this is going!

Will Sam be the newest Captain America? Can he stop the Flagsmashers from causing chaos and Anarchy in the US? And what are Sharon's true motives? Is she the Power Broker or setting up a power play to establish a new Espionage organization? 🤔