OLLIE 4 DUMMIES! (Which Toxic Nerd are you?)

Professor Ollie here, and class is in session! To piggyback on Stalks' damned conviction opinion piece on Toxic Nerdom, I decided to double down by describing character traits as in flaws, that define certain nerds.Why, some of you readers out there may or may not share some of these traits from my hit list!And that's all good, after all, you're only "human!" Hissss!

And now without further adieu allow me to do some "Nerdsplainin!"

Alpha-Beta Nerd: Whiny lil bitch who dismissive of films that celebrate diversity especially when it comes to African-Americans having prominent roles. Quick to harass someone who's opinions that align with their own just as long as its from a distance. Against females having lead roles. Misogynist,  Racist and Xenophobic. More than likely a goddamned Trump supporter who thinks Covid 19 is a hoax and BLM is a terrorist group, when in fact White Supremacists are more likely to commit terrorist attacks. The Snowflake of all Snowflakes!

Beta Nerd: Holier-than-thou Passive-aggressive geek.
Embraces diversity  in pop culture.(At least on the outside.) Known to belittle individuals who they deem sexist or racist, for expressing an sincere opinion.  Defends noble causes just to score brownie points with Women and minorities.
More than likely to be a Social Justice Warrior i.e. "Pseudo Justice Warrior."

Gamma Nerd: A Gamma Nerd is equally abrasive to the Alpha Nerd in regard to political debates or racial diatribes. However, this particular class of nerd will berate you on less serious issues like, critiquing a movie, game or TV series he or she cherishes as if they were responsible for the creation of said entertainment mediums.  Can easily be mistaken as a Studio shill, plant or even a sock puppet. The Village idiot.

Theta Nerd: A Neo Feminist nerd who values female representation in pop culture even if  it comes off as pandering. She can be very dismissive of others and at times high maintenance if not misandrist.

Delta Nerd: These are among the most annoying nerds. Delta Nerds are caustic in nature who align themselves with cliques who abuse other geeks outside of their social circles.Esoecially when their targets aren't aware of them being talked about! Very duplicitous as in being a friend on the surface, but underneath the layers is a backstabbing opportunist and social climber. Quick to "correct" others for brownie points while being condescending and would troll others because he feels inadequate. i.e. a pussy!

Zeta Nerd: Barely noticeable and prefers it that way. Sporadically drops comments in forum threads while giving "TLDR" explanations of why a movie or television series is worthy of your time. Doesn't engage in keyboard shouting matches but is likely to mock or belittle belligerent posters.

Omega Nerd: This particular class of nerd is a force multiplier.  He's a self proclaimed professor of Pop Culture and one who is an influencer with a modicum of talent be it writer or  artist. He despises most remakes and doesn't have reservations of critiquing films  or trends that are cherished among the general consensus and could give a damn what others may say or think about his preferences. He's a dissident who is quick to counterattack when being on the defensive, yet prefers to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Bears minor traits of the Alpha Male as he is uncompromising and although he's not one to start drama, yet doesn't know when to end it!
More of a leader than a follower, the Omega Nerd is the end all to be all!
(Or at least, he thinks he or she is.)

Kappa Nerd: One who mocks others for liking films they deem "low brow" or of poor quality. His/Her preference is esoteric narratives over special effects, action choreography or compelling soundtracks. Will argue that their films are superior to yours while defending any flaws found in theirs. Read: Cinema Snob or elitist.Also tend to be part of some hivemind clique.

Eta Nerd: He or she, likes anything regardless how bad of a movie is, this nerd can appreciate the effort for what it is, or one who settles for less quality yet refuses to recognize better films!

So there ye have it . Today's lesson is over and class dismissed!

Nerd on, you lil' shites!