Cancel Culture is on the move! Or is it really "Consequence Culture"?

Last week's headlines was obviously the biggest news of this month, thus far! Here we had the 2nd Impeachment trial of disgraced former President Donald J. Trump, Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl. *groans* and now, even more celebrities are facing consequences for things they have either said or done. Cancel Culture is on the move more than ever and there is no running or hiding. Just ask Roseanne Barr...who's now battling Covid 19. 

First actress and former MMA Fighter Gina Carano was axed from Lucasfilm Disney, for her recent inflammatory posts via Social media when comparing the persecution of Conservatives to the atrocities of Jews during the infamous Nazi regime. What's funny about this, is how Ms. Carano receiving a few warnings from the heads up after making previous controversial posts and tweets be it debunking Black Lives Matter or against mask wearing during a serious pandemic.  It would be of no surprise that she's pro Quanon.  


Carano's hubris resulted in losing out on a major gig-like her own Star Wars/Mandalorian spin off series!  

Her sheer arrogance is why I'm glad she got canned from Disney when both James Gunn and Kevin Hart faced backlash from tweets 10 years ago! Now while I don't condone the tasteless tweets from Gunn nor Kevin Hart's ridiculous flippant comments that offended the LGBTQ community, both were in the context of humor albeit "attempted" humor. 


That said, the hypocrites in Hollywood demanded that Mr. Hart, issue an apology for his past inflammatory comments, if he's to host the 2019 Oscar's. Hart feeling unjustly called out, turned down the Oscar hosting gig. And still apologized to the Gay community for insensitive remarks. 

While I'm no fan of Kevin Hart nor his material, he was not necessarily in the wrong. Again, it was a bad joke and I'm sure he wouldn't kill his son if he came out and believe it or not, some people do change over time. Hart didn't physically harm nor advocate Anti-Gay violence. There's a difference. 


On the other hand, Homosexuals like FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover sanctioned the murder of Fred Hampton and several other members of the Black Panther Party and don't get me started on the current trend of feminizing Black Men within the media! 


In Gunn's case, he was fired for tasteless tweets about pedophilia which I'm certain Disney was aware of when producing the Guardian of the Galaxy films, until some Neo Conservative commentator Mike Cernovich brought Gunn's past tweets to the forefront because "surprise," Gunn is no fan of Donald Trump.  


The tweets stemmed from Gunn attending a script reading and lo and behold, there was convicted Pedophile Victor Silva of Jeepers Creepers, which the film is owned by Disney btw! Gunn was freaked out and left. 

Again, Gunn went too far with his tweets but there is this example of double standards. As far as I know, he never raped anyone nor molested kids, however, lionized Rock Stars, actors and a certain Hollywood Mogul either committed statutory rape or just brutally raped. 

What's funny about this story is how Warner Media swooped him up for the Suicide Squad sequel and now here comes Disney, signing him on for yet another GOTG sequel?? Whatever happened to that family friendly image Disney? Oh got called out for your hypocrisy! 
Well, at least all seems forgiven with Eddie Murphy after he was brought on the carpet for homophobic jokes during his standup concert films nearly 40 years ago?!? 


Dave Chappelle referred to Cancel Culture as some “celebrity hunting season” saying that society has gone too far in naming and shaming those with offensive pasts, he then takes aim at everyone from queer and transgender activists along with the #MeToo movement to critics of Kevin Hart, and Louis C.K.  

Chappelle also believed that Kevin Hart was joking when he made those homophobic jokes, on Twitter, then segues to his defense of Hart when speaking about a long-ago incident in which Comedy Central took him called him out for using a homophobic slur. 

“Why is it that I can say the word nigger with impunity but I can’t say faggot?”  

" ... you are never, ever allowed to upset the alphabet people,” he says, in referring to the queer community. 


There is a modicum of truth to this statement.And back to current events as of last week. Gina Carano wasn't the first, and sure as shit isn't the last!  Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison made racially insensitive remarks while defending contestant Rachael KirkConnell (Sounds close enough to Carano.) who attended a Southern Antebellum wedding. Referring her detractors as "Woke Police". So, it's okay to have a hypocritical contestant appear on some dating "reality" show to meet up with a Black Man after showing up at a racist wedding a few years prior?  

After facing severe backlash for his belligerent comments, Harrison officially resigned from the show which now features a Black Man. 
Of course, Harrison issued an apology while Carano hasn't instead, she doubled down when mentioning how she will be working with get this, Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire film studio! 😆😆😆 The jokes are endless! 


Imagine the "DWU" that consists of Conservative bible thumping Superheroes. DWU doesn't stand for driving while under the influence, It's the Daily Wire Universe! However, Benny must've been drunk when he signed this suspected Anti Semitic nutjob on for a picture deal. From Star Wars to "My Wife is a Super Doctor"!  


If you ask me, her character from the Mandalorian Carla Dune, looks like a throwback caricature of those Xbox Gears of War games and if there's one slice of advice, I would give Miss Carano, a slice of advice: take acting lessons! I can't wait for her career to further tank, oh it's a comin! 



Oh, were not done yet! Prior to the fallout that escalated from both Carano and Harrison's gaffs, enter Country singer Morgan Wallen who was caught on video shouting racial expletives, when he told a friend, "take care of this (expletive) N-word," referring to another person he was with. Wallen walked it back with an apology after the Academy of Country Music halted him from appearing at this year's award show. Wallen also requested that his most ardent followers to refrain from defending his actions. Despite the Country Music Association removing his digital streamed content and Big Loud records suspending his contract, Wallen is still climbing the charts with his recent album! 


Could it be that it's due to a pushback from his fans, some sending a message to the Cancel Culture crowd or could it be that Wallen's music is that good? I couldn't tell you off the bat since I don't care for Country Music or as G.I.Joe's resident Redneck, Cross Country would refer to it as "fighting music" -"because whoever listens to it, wants to punch him out"! Johnny Cash, is the exception to the rule of course. He was legit af!

Oh, and speaking of music or rather "fighting music" enter exhibit J as in Justin Timberlake, "C'mon down"! 

After the Britney Spears documentary had surfaced, Timberlake revived plenty of backlash just when his new movie Palmer dropped.  Good timing for bad publicity.
To round out the rest, Joss Wheldon has been exposed as a bully and prior to that,there's Arnie Hammer's bizarre Sexual fetishism. They are so fucked and not in a good way either! 

The tide of countered culture has shifted more so than ever especially during Trump's tenor where his emboldened Neanderthals maximized their "privileges " to the extent of a Police officer comfortably pressing his knee on an unarmed Black Man to death via suffocation, and let's not forget the insurrection. So, one shouldn't be too surprised of further pushback!  

People are fed up with this lack of accountability and those who are upset about this "Woke culture" should first blame those who have abused their power and privileges throughout the decades. 

Y'see, while many of us may have said stupid shit we later regret that's if we have a conscience, there's that big disconnect for those famous, affluent and powerful people within the spotlight, be it politicians or celebrities who make racially insensitive remarks should be held accountable for their hubris. Look what happened to Mel Gibson 😳? 

Now Comedy is a different subject altogether because it's the last bastion of free speech and for the most part, it falls within the proper context. With that said, fuck Dane Cook for that Batman Joke
On one hand, I'm having a big laugh at all this, on the other, Cancel Culture can be a cancer if not careful. Someone can lose their livelihood for making the slightest comment that the accuser may find offensive regardless if it wasn't the intentions of the accused. The prescient has already been set since #MeToo. How far is too far? Well, that depends on you. At the end of the day, it's called; "culpability"! 


As of this writing, Janet Jackson's 1986 album Control, has resurfaced on the top billboard charts!