Down to the Wire, November Coming Fire!

So, we're one day from the big day which will decide the fate of the Country and possibly the world!

There is so much anticipation and with it, speculation as in the last presidential election when many expected Hillary Clinton to come out as the victor, but that was not the case.

The big upset was how Donald Trump, a Real Estate developer and narcissistic Reality Television celebrity, won the election despite the leaked video of him boasting about grabbing women's genitalia a few years back. Ironically, 50 percent if WHITE WOMEN voted for him and against their own interests! unlike the majority of Black voters who didn't care for his racist rhetoric.

Say what you want about Black voters, but when it came to Barack Obama running for office, black people came out in droves! They were on code!
Unfortunately, Obama the Manchurian candidate, did not return the favor as he allowed both Police Officers and Mongrels like George Zimmerman to kill unarmed blacks with impunity while both he and Attorney General Eric Holder were aperhetic. This is probably another reason why Clinton lost...well, that and her Husband's controversial 1994 Crime Bill where she referred to Black Men as 'Super Predators"?!?

Did you know that this bill was drafted by a then Senator Joe Biden who referred to it as "Biden's Law "?Or how about the fact that it contained racial disparities between Blacks and Whites and how one was treated more unfairly than the other?
Hunter Biden was a heavy drug abuser but never served any time in prison,  while "Tyrone " was sentenced to 10 years, sharing a cell with a convicted murderer or rapist, all for being caught with an ounce of weed. Which is now decriminalized in some states.

I guess Karma came for "If you don't vote for me, you ain't black " Biden, in certain ways.

But I digress.

It's been exactly four years since Trump has claimed victory and throughout those years, came further strife and division. More Blacks and other minorities were being chastised,  attacked and threatened by the angry white mobs who felt emboldened now that they have an unapologetic White Supremacist in the "White" House.

One primary example was the protests in Charlottesville NC, where an army of White Supremacists marched up and down chanting "Jews will not replace us" and other racial diatribes.

Sadly, this resulted in the loss of a woman's life because some demonic asshole mowed her and a few others down with his car. What was the President's response? "Very fine people on BOTH sides"! That demonstrates where he stands on White Supremacy.

And then there were scandals that called for his impeachment while his administration has been nothing but a revolving door. It's as if those serving under him were contestants of the Apprentice.Everyday, there was tabloid fodder with this President who is more like some American caricature, yet his loyal base makes more excuses than some low life criminal going to jail.

This makes me relieved that I  have disassociated myself from those who I once considered "friends."

With him taking credit for the economy and freeing Black inmates from prisons due to harsh penalties imposed on non violent drug traffickers courtesy of the infamous Crime Bill, it doesn't clean Donald's already tarnished reputation as his biggest clusterfuck, came from a little bug called Covid 19 aka Novel Coronavirus,  a very contagious strain that can be fatal as it has killed tens upon thousands, crippled the economy and  the year ain't over yet!!

Trump was briefed on the pandemic since it hit China in January but had a very lackadaisical approach and left it all to President Xi. Xi was trying to contain the viral outbreak..well actually, he was working on silencing the Whistleblowers, who tried to warn the Chinese population to no avail.

By March, Donnie prevented anyone from China, entry within the United States but overlooked the Europeans who were the sole explanation of how America became this Hot Zone .

So now,  here we are. One day from the electoral turnouts. There's talk of riots and uprisings regardless of what the results will be. Me? Well, I'm sitting in my furnished home office, with three monitors, a gaming PC, a twin sized bed for those power naps while listening to Billie Holiday's "Autumn in New York"  as Autumn is my favorite season of the year.

I doubt if I will be severely affected by either outcome, because no matter who wins, as a great man once said, "the more things change, the more they stay the same. "  But that being said, personally,  I'm sick of Trump and his Asperger syndrome followers.
Biden still has a lot to answer for, however, we of are decent folk, need to witness President Cheeto take this "L".Get yer drinks ready, cause it's gonna be a long 24 hours!