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Tonight, we Dine in Hell Podcast: The Post Electoral Episode!

It's Thanksgiving where the Gang roast and carve up a Jive ass Turkey in this special  podcast: Beyond Trump-What lies ahead!! Photo: Courtesy of Jan

Sore Losers and Suckers!

Ah, November my favorite time of the month! Well for the most part anyway. I usually associate this time of the year with cool Autumn weather, feasting, another Call of Duty release and new gaming systems....well, that's  if you can find one due to scarcity issues!! Damn you overpopulated humans!🤪 But what November, is also known for is the Presidential elections where we American citizens extol our constitutional rights by deciding who stays or who goes. Kinda like NBC's " The Apprentice ".  Hahahah! As I hoped, as I predicted, and as I knew it would come to fruition, President Evil, has lost his bid for the Whitehouse and he's not happy about it at all. And like the petulant child he is, El Cheeto refuses to concede on counts of the election being " rigged "! What's problematic is that his enablers meaning, his fat flunky Attorney General William Barr, that closeted homosexual Lindsey Graham Craka, Fruity Giuliani, Bitch McConnell and a few other

The 1st Annual Hellcast: "Too much Horror Business"!

Halloween is over, but we're not done yet! In the first Horror themed podcast,  Stalks, Bop, Jan and Gogo discuss various topics within Horror cinema from favorite soundtracks to buried gems, and our favorite Hammer Films.Recorded on what else? October 31st!🎃 Join us as we dine in Hell!

"Tonight, We Dine in Hell" Podcast: The Pre-Electorial Episode

While they're still counting the ballots, our rebellious roundtable renegades, discuss the candidates; legacies, track record and of course, give their unfiltered opinions! Its a must listen for those post election jitters! Recorded and produced by Jan. Photo masthead courtesy of Stalkeye.

Down to the Wire, November Coming Fire!

So, we're one day from the big day which will decide the fate of the Country and possibly the world! There is so much anticipation and with it, speculation as in the last presidential election when many expected Hillary Clinton to come out as the victor, but that was not the case. The big upset was how Donald Trump, a Real Estate developer and narcissistic Reality Television celebrity, won the election despite the leaked video of him boasting about grabbing women's genitalia a few years back. Ironically, 50 percent if WHITE WOMEN voted for him and against their own interests! unlike the majority of Black voters who didn't care for his racist rhetoric. Say what you want about Black voters, but when it came to Barack Obama running for office, black people came out in droves! They were on code! Unfortunately, Obama the Manchurian candidate, did not return the favor as he allowed both Police Officers and Mongrels like George Zimmerman to kill unarmed blacks with impunity while