"Uncle Joe" has got to go! And take "Karen" with you!

Sometimes, its best to avoid getting into heated political debates whether it's shitposting on community threads, at the "Water cooler”, and sometimes I at PN, can't help but call out the bullshit of these elected officials.

You know whenever you're running for office, you will be vetted, observed and above all else, scrutinized! So, that leads us to Presidential candidate Joe Biden who is known for gaffs and a few a few other things!
Recently, while having a one on one interview via Zoom with this opportunist "Charlemagne tha God", Big mouth Joe in his cavalier abrupt manner said, "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

Now that's a very hypocritical comment  coming from one who was the architect of  "Biden's Law" otherwise known as the 1994 Crime Bill, which unfairly targeted Blacks for drug possession, invoking harsher sentences whereas Whites who used Cocaine especially, within the Hollywood elite skated all prosecution.  This is due to the law's disparities between power cocaine and rock cocaine. (Crack)

If you check your stats, the Crime rate within the United States was already going down, but these opportunistic politicians like Giuliani, Clinton and Biden wanted to Double Down!

The mass incarceration of Black men was a win-win for the duplicitous Democratic party: To put "Niggers" in their place while profiting from the Privatized prisons in the case of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, I can't stand that blowhard bigot Trump, but even this idiot wasn't responsible for further destroying impoverished communities of color. Biden's legislature sure as fuck did!

That said, Obama was suspect for having this segregationist as his VP pick in the first place. Biden is known to talk down to the Black community, y’know, like that obnoxious Uncle who shows up at the family reunion, then makes ignorant comments leaving him to sit in the corner alone?
Look at how this old fucker tries to scare gullible Black Caucus members not to support then Republican nominee Mitt Romney by saying, "They gonna yall back in chains"!

Biden is just another White Supremacist narcissist. He is against the use of recreational drugs, yet his Son and daughter were known for substance abuse.

It seems that "Uncle Joe"once again, felt too comfortable around Blacks, when making that comment. Now, he really put his foot in his mouth. Sure, Trump is a bloated loudmouth White Supremacist, but so is Joe Biden. Those two fossil fucks are unfit to run what's left of this country.

It's time to get someone with better ideals, socially conscientious and preferably much younger.

And speaking if the duplicitous Left, there was an incident that occurred recently in  Central Park, where a Black birdwatcher, Christian Cooper asked a White Woman, Amy Cooper who was walking her dog, to at least put her pet on a leash.

She of course, threatened to call the Police to make it seem that the former Editor of Marvel Comics, was about to attack her. It's a good thing she was recorded on video otherwise, he would have been fucking dead like George Floyd!!

Amy fits the archetype of a "Karen", a new pejorative term for privileged White Women, (formerly,  referred to as "Becky".) who arrogantly bitch, moan and even threaten to call the Police on people of color, Black people especially. Their self-entitlement and hubris are a stain to Feminism and White Women in general. Therefore, I can't take this Neo Feminism shit seriously.

While Christian Cooper does not approve of Amy receiving death threats or getting fired from her 1K a Year salary job, I say "good"!
The actions of Amy and other "Karens",should not be tolerated and let the punishment fit the crime.
Making false claims to the authorities, is what led to deaths and even massacres of innocent Black people, as the race riots of Rosewood Fl or Tulsa, OK more than verified it.

Before the Central Park incident, there was a White Woman who drowned her Autistic son, leaving him to die in the lake, then blamed his murder on two Black men. Stupid bitch did not realize that she was recorded on Camera.

Sure, she's  another racist in disguise i.e. "Liberal" as with Biden, but Amy is also a goddamn lunatic, who was obsessed with a married man and after the "friendship " ended, she filed a lawsuit against him for not disclosing his Marital status and other frivolous reasons.

The Karens of America must be put in their place once and for all! And as with Barbecue Becky, Amy will be ostracized and forced to flee.
Now that's the kind of "White Flight", I can cosign on! We're not there yet, but it's a healthy start!

While there are some Caucasian women who have proven themselves down for the struggle, if you're a conscientious black person in America, you best be sure you'll put them through thus vetting process prior to "indoctrination ". Uncle Joe will once again be vetted but this time, will he pass the test with flying "colors"?