Five (Geek) Guys Popcast: The Second Wave!

Not to be confused with the Burger flipping franchise in any means. Instead, the five of us are here to serve up some pop culture morsels with social commentary as the appetizer! In this 2nd and final installment of the roundtable for five, Stalks questions Actors Robert Pattinson’s credibility as the new Batman, what’s underrated and overrated. 


What's POPping!

Spider-Man: The Ralph Bakshi Sessions (1968-1970)

Pop Topix: Winners and Losers of 2019

Miami Vice: Freefall (Review and retrospective of the series finale.)

"Bird Go"! Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Gatchaman 94!

Van Helsing: Taking a bite out of that other Post Apocalypse series!

Ode to Sega Genesis

This-is-Dystopia!! (Escape From New York)

Bop's Best (and Worst) of 2019!!

Chappelle, Cancel Culture and you!