Venom screenwriters will pen a script for Sony’s upcoming One Punch Man!

It looks as if Sony’s at it once again. After achieving success from both Spider-Man Far from Home and prior to that, Venom, it seems as if Sony Pictures is aiming for not one, (Bloodshot of Valiant Comics) but yet another intellectual property license to further expand their “Sonyverse” catalog of films and this time, it’s One Punch Man who has gotten the greenlight for a live action adaptation.

Writers, Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner of Venom and Jumanji fame, are committed to handling the scripting duties, while Avid and son Ari Arad will produce the Anime/Manga based film. 
Created by Japanese artist called ONE(??) One Punch Man is a satirical Superhero series as the title character also known as Saitama, is capable of defeating Supervillains with just “one punch”, hence the name. The Manga went on to gain more notoriety thanks to a hugely successful Anime series and now it’s also a Playstation videogame, followed by Sony’s upcoming picture. Whenever that arrives, because of “reasons”.

Spit take: As with most Anime to Live action films, I smell another dumpster fire coming our way. Especially in the case of Sony Pictures who are notoriously known for mishandling Intellectual Properties as demonstrated from the Resident Evil series and to be honest, I never cared much for Venom, Bloodshot was too derivative and as for the Jumanji films. hard pass by default! What would you prefer as an anime based film if done properly?


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