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Coronacast pt.2

While staying quarantined from the rest of the contaminated world, our podcast pugilists discuss a handful of topics such as; our favorite pandemic movies, panic buying, weighing in on the Resident Evil films, Predator 2 retrospective and Asi asks, where's the German guy? It's a jam packed segment that will either make you laugh or rage out while waiting for this thing to blow over. (And soon,hopefully!) Outro song: My Plague performed by Slipknot

The Coronacast pt.1

Welcome to a special edition of the Overground Popcast, where our Dark Knights of the Roundtable Stalks, Bop and Asi discuss classic Anime, the cause (blame) and effect of the Coronavirus and many other topics while trying to keep Bop awake! Outro song: Home performed by Public Image Ltd

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker: A Comedy of Errors!

Okay, so after 3 months of waiting for a home video release, since I refuse to see another Star Wars film in theaters, (Thanks to my disappointment from The Last Jedi!) the wait is over...! Following the events which took place in Last Jedi, the revelation that Emperor Palpatine is still alive although barely, and it's up to the "Big Three" as in Rey, Poe and Finn to stop him from executing the "Last Order"! (Compare it to the Fourth Reich, since the Galactic Empire was often compared to the Nazis.) Well, after 2 and a half hours, I am very thankful. Thankful that I didn't bother to venture off to my local theater while this clusterfuck of a sequel was playing, despite Jan urging me to see how bad this sequel is. And, he's baaaaaacccckk... Personally, I am shocked how it took four, count em, FOUR writers to piecemeal the final conclusion of the Skywalker saga yet, managed to ruin it by lazy dialog, shoehorned cameos by icon

The Coronavirus and YOU!

Ollie's in the house! And literally because nowadays, stepping outside can make a difference between life and yes, death! I'm sure most of you pissflaps are aware of this new epidemic going on, but for those of the uninitiated,  your boy is here to drop some science about this nasty lil bug called the  Coronavirus and how to cope during the midst of this crisis. Let's get to it! 1.What is the Coronavirus? The Culprit! Looks like a lint with ground beef attached doesn't it? Coronavirus otherwise known as Covid-19 is closely related to the SARS virus and is one nasty pathogen that enters the bloodstream via exposed individuals who sneeze or cough within 6 feet of your direction. The contaminated droplets are the main culprit when it comes to person-to-person contact. As of now, the viral spread has made its way through Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea and yes, the United States!!!😿 2. What brought about this virus?

Hunters (Review)

Ok, after a few weeks of anticipation,  Amazon Prime Video has debuted their newest series, called Hunters and well, after watching the first three episodes,  I'm not so impressed. Inspired by the real Nazi Hunters, who pursued and punished Nazis who yet to face justice, Hunters centers around a young teenager named Jonah and a group of specialized Nazi Hunters targeting fugitive Nazis who have entered the United States under a new identity. Some are Space Engineers for NASA and there are some who go as far as to infiltrate the political party, which isn't too hard to believe nowadays. As if that wasn't bad enough, the collective hive of Hitler henchmen, are planning something big.... as in establishing a Fourth Reich! Meanwhile, Jonah who lives with his Grandmother or "Safra" Ruth, who lives what some refer to it as a "normal" life of a Teenager. He goes to movies with his friends, works in a Comicshop annnnd sells drugs to