Chappelle, Cancel Culture and you!

So, over my busy four-day holiday weekend, the missus and I watched the latest Dave Chappelle Netflix stand up special titled "Sticks and Stones" since we were huge fans of his Comedy Central show.

Well, after watching both the main stand up and his following segment, I must give props to Dave for speaking his peace and being unapologetic at that!

In what may be considered his best stand up, Chappelle blatantly attacks the Social Justice Warriors or as I refer to them as "Pseudo Justice Worriers" because of their false pretense and hypocrisy. This lynchmob mentality is spawned from Neo Feminists, LGTBQ community and the regressive Leftists who really don’t care about anyone else, save their own. 

The notion of shaming anyone who may say something that's deemed insensitive to an extent of being a pariah or losing their jobs/livelihood, is treading dark territory. 

For example, Chappelle brought up how comedian Kevin Hart was called out for "Homophobic " jokes ten years ago, just when he was about to host the Oscars, was some shady shit. Dave gave Hart props for turning down the Oscar gig, yet threw shade at him for apologizing to the LGBTQRS community.  Or as he calls them, the "Alphabet People".

As if that wasn't alarming enough, he took a shot at the Me Too movement, to the extent of calling the accusations aimed toward Michael Jackson, Bullshit!

This was among the few controversial things; he has said that garner both praise and disdain to the extent that Rotten Tomatoes gave him a "0 Fresh".

And I’m sure Mr. Chappelle has no fucks to give, because of the hypersensitive fuckers out there, who are frothing at the mouth because they feel, calling someone out gives them a sense of personal satisfaction as if they are actually contributing to society,  when in fact, it's all about "safe spaces".

Yes, there are some actions from the irresponsible or reprehensible that should be put on notice, but going after a public figure who made insensitive comments or jokes decades ago, be it Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart or James Gunn for that matter, is digging too deep in the well.

This need to cancel someone who's opinions or words that make one uncomfortable, needs a timeout.
I posted an op ed about manufactured outrage, months ago and now it got turnt up!

We all have said some fucked up shit that we regret when looking back, and if everyone's past were unearthed to the general public, there wouldn’t be all these attacks from the PJW lynchmob.

As I have said, Comedy is the last bastion of free speech.  When you take that away, what have we got? Nothing but Social Engineering, the new form of Fascism.

When you stir into the abyss, the abyss stirs into you.

"Welcome to the human race "