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"We're off to Outer Space"! Star Blazers turns 40!

If you happen to be a Gen Xer or animation enthusiast like me, you may have heard of this little obscure Cartoon that aired in the afterschool time slot via syndicated networks, called Star Blazers! However, if you're unfamiliar with the title, allow me to give a brief RETROspective. You see, back in the year 1979, where Star Wars was all the pop culture craze, both Movies and Television tried to capitalize off this sensation as seen in Battlestar Galactica and Battle of the Planets . The latter was originally an animated Japanese import under the name " Gatchaman ” yet bastardized for North American release via Sandy Frank. Battle of the Planets, despite its futuristic designs and aesthetics, compiled with great voice acting, was dumbed down for the children's demographic.  Meaning, the removal of scenes depicting violence, death and other mature themes in order to comply with the FCC's regulations of "Standards and Practices".

9-9-99: The Dream is Cast!

September 9, 1999 A date that will go down as one of my most memorable days! There was such anticipation for Sega's next console offering, after suffering a loss due to competition from Nintendo 64 and especially, the Sony Playstation. Cleary, the Sega Saturn was no match for Sony's behemoth when it came to savvy marketing, better 3D graphics and especially exclusive first- and third-party games. Now, this was Sega's last attempt at redeeming itself for the botched launch of the under-performing Saturn.Which leads to why this date was monumental. Powered by Windows CE, the Sega Dreamcast debuted with a impressive assortment of launch titles like Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi and a few others.As a Sega diehard, I was so excited for their comeback, that I had postponed going to my then Girlfriend’s place. (Well, it wasn’t as if we were gonna be alone, as she would have her friend tag along with her. So, I didn't miss out.) I went

Chappelle, Cancel Culture and you!

So, over my busy four-day holiday weekend, the missus and I watched the latest Dave Chappelle Netflix stand up special titled "Sticks and Stones" since we were huge fans of his Comedy Central show. Well, after watching both the main stand up and his following segment, I must give props to Dave for speaking his peace and being unapologetic at that! In what may be considered his best stand up, Chappelle blatantly attacks the Social Justice Warriors or as I refer to them as "Pseudo Justice Worriers" because of their false pretense and hypocrisy. This lynchmob mentality is spawned from Neo Feminists, LGTBQ community and the regressive Leftists who really don’t care about anyone else, save their own.  The notion of shaming anyone who may say something that's deemed insensitive to an extent of being a pariah or losing their jobs/livelihood, is treading dark territory.  For example, Chappelle brought up how comedian Kevin Hart was called out