Spider-Man Far from Home The Non Spoilery Review

Sometime after the events of Avengers Endgame, our protagonist, Peter Parker as well as many others who have experienced the "blip" as opposed to calling it the "snap", has either aged or stayed the same during the five-year period. 

Well, after the interesting Prologue, we're treated to an ear cringing intro with Whitney Houston's "I Will always love you" Memoriam, courtesy of Parker's school, that explains what happened to a certain Avenger. Ouch! 

While going  on a European class field trip. Parker is still bearing signs of grief and Survivor's remorse, due to Tony Stark's sacrifice, it's apparent that he’s left emotionally vulnerable.
Not only is he attempting to bare his soul to MJ, but in some ways, nonresistant when accepting guidance, as Happy Hogan enters the scene as some surrogate uncle, and as if that wasn't  enough-a new "hero" emerges from the scene , when so called alien creatures attack a city in Naples, Italy, enter Mysterio as the Italian  News media refers to him as.

Mysterio aka Quentin Beck, claims to be from a parallel universe that was destroyed due to Thanos’ “snapenning”, to  which Parker is easily convinced, after witnessing what had transpired from the events of previous Movies, Beck is readily accepted by Nick Fury and the others, but what is his true purpose and who in fact, are the Elementals? 

Although, I didn't really care for Homecoming, Far from Home (Aptly put) is a major improvement over the first entry of Spider-Man's third reboot. From start to finish, I never found myself looking at the watch, unlike parts of Avengers Endgame. 

The humor is one of Far from Home's  greatest strengths, thanks in part to the supporting cast  like Marissa Tomei as Aunt Milf..I meant, "Aunt May", who is aware of Parker's alter ego, yet takes it all in to the extent of using her nephew for charitable events. I personally like this different direction whereas Peter's Aunt and best friend, Ned is comfortable with sharing his secret.

While I am discussing his supporting cast members, Zendaya does an convincing job as a deadpanesque MJ that goes against the Comic archetype, while Jacob Batalon's  Ned Leeds is good for a few comedy relief moments, although the relationship arc between him and Betty was shoehorned. Kinda like the "Night Monkey" gag.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is perhaps the one who stood out the most in this sequel. He gives off a comforting presence that was easy for Peter to bond toward him, to the extent of a generous gesture from Parker's behalfleading to an important plot reveal that many had seen coming!
Just about anyone who is familiar with Mysterio, is practically in on the "joke" when it refers to Beck's true ambitions.

Parker having one too many mentoring figures, is not really a good look, as Peter was always known to be more independent or cone into his own. Holland's Spider-Man is still green if not incredibly naive. He's more like “Spider-Boy" instead of Spider-Man.

Shit, even Andrew Garfield's version was more akin to the source material than what is presented here.Spider-Man Far from Home is a fun sequel that is loaded with more emphasis on humor, but with a modicum of drama and suspense to balance things out. And if that’s not enough, there's sizable fanservice thanks to callbacks and a certain cameo appearance in mid credits, that's everyone's talking about!

The film was shot in many locations throughout Europe, be it the Netherlands, Italy or Austria.
Imagine a cameo from my Dutch bro or that "other guy”, but I digress. 😉

Anyways, I'm impressed by the action sequences during a final confrontation and it's not a cut and dried victory as many who watched the mid credits, have found out!

Far from Home despite one minor flaw, is the best Spider-Man film since 2004's Spider-Man 2, well actually, since Captain America Civil War, and serves as the proper footnote to the 22 films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Between SHAZAM, Endgame and now Far from Home, it seems that 2019 has knocked it out of the park with Superhero films!