Captain America: The Choice!

Its the 4th of July, where independence is celebrated by most Americans via getaways and backyard barbecues.  Providing of course,  that " Zuckerman's infamous pig" Jennifer Schulzte, isn’t calling the cops on a Black Family enjoying a peaceful cookout. *Ahem*

Anyways, it’s your provocative pal Stalks here, to give you all my favorite reading recommendation in honor of the 4th, which regards Marvel's favorite Super Soldier, Captain America!

What happens when the United States Government decides to enforce a new legislative cease and desist order to Steve Rogers aka Cap, to relinquish his symbolic uniform and of course, his mighty shield?


Comply with the bureaucrats and operate exclusively for American interests under the government body, as in follow orders without question.

Written by the late Mark Gruenwald and illustrated by Tom Morgan, Captain America #332 “The Choice” is an engaging drama and tentpole for our hero's journey that further defines the man beneath the uniform and shield.

The story begins with Cap voicing his concerns to a Pentagon official General Wexler about Curtis Jackson also known as the Power Broker, who uses his scientific expertise to manufacture Super Soldiers for hire. After being abruptly removed from the General's office, Cap is requested to attend an appointment held by the commission of Superhuman activities. 

Unbeknownst to Rogers, the commission has evaluated his activities and since Project Rebirth was funded by the United States government and how Steven Rogers volunteered for the experiment that made him a Super Soldier, he is now deemed the property of the government. 

Meanwhile, a former Army Veteran turned Right Wing terrorist, who goes by the name "Warhead”, climbs up the Lincoln Memorial with a jury-rigged nuclear device, threatening to destroy the monument and those bystanders around him. Unless America goes to war, he will detonate the nuclear bomb.

While Cap is contemplating his decision, Warhead's activities has caught the eyes of Johnny Walker who has proven a rival of Cap as the Super Patriot. His promoter urges him to stop Warhead to gain notoriety. After a brief struggle, Walker throws the terrorist of the monument, however, as he is aware of his fate, Warhead commits suicide via grenade. The bomb has been recovered and Super Patriot is now declared a hero.

After giving some thought, Rogers returns to the commission’s hearing with an answer they were not prepared for.

Once again, Steven Joseph Rogers, resigns his role as America's greatest hero.

End of an era and a beginning of another. Again, this issue was the start of another brilliant Captain America saga! During succeeding issues, John Walker has been chosen as the new Captain America, while enjoying the spotlight, he feels disillusionment soon afterwards leading to a tragic outcome that will cost him his very sanity.

Whereas Steve once again works under autonomy, meaning, without government interference as a new Superhero-The Captain!

Rogers' exploits takes him on several twists and surprises from going toe to toe against a "Man of Iron", unraveling a few conspiracies conducted by an old nemesis thought to have been long dead and to top things off, Cap or rather, the Captain, faces off with Ronald Reagan as a Snake and a crazed Captain America!

You can't just read Issue #332 without the following books, otherwise, you will be missing out on these classic adventures and perhaps Gruenwald's best work ever!

The Captain Saga once again establishes what makes Captain America the hero he is. A Man who is stoic, yet a consciences objector, making the right call whenever necessary.  It's not about the jingoistic premise of why Captain America is so great, nor his superhuman abilities, instead, it’s his principal beliefs and conviction of character.

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Highly recommended!