Batwoman Trailer: Come on, feel the annoy!

So, I have seen the latest trailer for CW's upcoming Batwoman tv series, starring former "It girl" Ruby Rose, slated for airing this fall, and to be honest, this is for the most part, aimed directly toward both the Female and especially the LGBTQ audience, which CW showrunner Greg Berlanti himself is gay as well as the titular character and the "actress" who plays her , notice I said "actress", because Rose can't act her way out of a bag made from paper mache or Kleenex tissue! Judging from the quips, it's not Male user friendly. It’s as if the dialogue was written by an angry lesbian with an axe to grind.  Roxxane Gay, izzat you?

"The suit is perfection, when it fits a woman"??

Ok, not only does this trailer exacerbates Manshaming to a degree, but it’s a shameless agenda ploy, that's very anxious to grab one’s attention, as in narcissism found in Social Media whores.
I guess this is good timing from Berlanti/CW's part, especially when we're still living in the age of #Metoo and this new phase of female empowerment while the “Psuedo Justice Warriors” who wrote that silly dialogue are not capable of contextualizing Superhero characters, without the need to shoehorn two agendas.

I thought Captain Marvel’s trailer was a bit cringy and generic, Batwoman takes things to a whole new level, and that song playing in the background, is lamer than CM’s “I’m just a girl”..okay, they both suck!

At least the Wonder Woman films and animated feature, knew how to tackle sexism without the silly "in your face angst " . The virtues of feminism in Wonder Woman’s narrative is proof of how to make a good comicbook heroine film sans the social engineering bullshit. It's more than OK to have diversity in comics, movies, etc. however using tokenized characters accompanied by lame ass catchphrases,  doesn't impress me one damn bit. It's lazy and uninspiring.

The references from the trailer, is more focused on identity politics, than a constructive critique of sexism. I think..actually, I know that the narrative is about pander than cohesive storylines. Batman has “abandoned” Gotham City only for Katy to step up and presumptuously, do a better job?
Marvel's Black Panther didn't have to make it too obvious of the protagonist's racial identity, when the film's worldbuilding and storytelling worked exceptionally well within its context. 

Outside of the Batman animated movie Bad Blood, I am not too familiar with Batwoman, however, her arc and the way she was written, earned my respect for the character. 
The live action TV series looks like some angst-ridden attempt at pandering to an oppressed demographic.  And to be honest, yes, I understand that Women have been oppressed throughout the ages, whether its sexual harassment, abuse, lower pay, etc. But throwing out cliche lines like “when it fits a woman” or “the Hero we need is here” without proper context, is not the right direction when promoting this Superheroine series. 

To be further honest, there are more women in power, particularly, white women, than say, Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, so this Feminist renaissance is nothing short of revisionism sparked by the #Metoo movement and speaking of which, notice how hard the Feminists went down on Pill Cosby, yet scumbags like Les Mooves get to walk Scott free and so will Harvey Swinestein??

The Neo Feminists are not true feminists in any sense of the word, thanks to their cherry-picking attacks and hypocrisy. "Ms. Lena Dumbham"!"Ms. Gloria Allred "! "Ms. Aylissa Melano"!
Same goes for Gays; "Mr.Don Lemonade"! "Ms.Oprah Winfrey"! That's right, I said it!
Wolves in sheep's clothing, kinda like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but I digress.

CW sees this latest foray as a two pronged attack when pandering to two different demographics, and it’s only a matter of time when and how it will be well received..or not.

As of the recording the house has passed an Anti LGBTQ discrimination bill. Well aside from congrats, and though it may be very encouraging news for the community, Batwoman, not so much. 
I like the Ramones shirt Kane is sporting, though.

By the way, the trailer featured a Black lesbian as Kathy Kane’s love interest, as if there weren’t enough Black homosexuals on Berlanti's previous shows, like Arrow and Black Lightning. I guess the network is constantly filling in those checkboxes. How’s about throwing in Renee Montoya instead? SAfter all, not only is she established, but also comes “prepackaged”. Jus sayin.