Avengers Endgame: "Game over man"! NON SPOILER REVIEW!

After 10 years of witnessing the exploits of Iron Man, Captain America Thor and so many other characters courtesy of Marvel's very own cinematic Universe, it’s time to close the curtain of what was (still is?) the greatest Superhero saga ever!

The long-awaited sequel to 2018's Avengers Infinity War brings virtually everything to its inevitable conclusion with the remaining members of Earth's Mightiest heroes, trying to pick up the pieces left after the great snap. Tony Stark finds himself drifting into space with little hope and little oxygen, only to find salvation thanks to a bright light of hope. Sometimes afterwards. the surviving Avengers make a few desperate attempts to retrieve the stones and stop Thanos from starting his mass genocidal attack once more.

The film runs practically 3 hours long and at times, I found myself a little fatigued at part of the film’s pacing and in my opinion, some of the scenes weren’t needed or at least it could have been chopped down, but I digress. The humor at times, felt forced to balance out the melancholy and in some ways, were just silly, e.g. one scene whereas what appeared to be during Thanos’ final move or “America’s Ass”. I’m having flashbacks of Poe Dameron’s conversation with General Hux prior to his attack on the Dreadnaught. The story for the most part was efficient, and I enjoyed the performances by Downey, Evans, Ruffalo, Helmsworth, Cooper and Rudd. 

You can sense the tension between Stark and Rogers when the meet face to face for the first time post Civil War . I won't delve any further in order to sidestep spoiler territory for those few who have yet to see Endgame, but there is a lot of shit that goes down especially during the 3rd act and this is where the sequel really gains momentum! You have espionage, sabotage, hope. redemption and sacrifice.

What I admired mostly about Endgame, is the story and how the Avengers despite losing all hope, manage to find a way of doing the impossible even if it seemed unfathomable. Also, the Easter eggs and callbacks were excellent and easy to spot for those who are not “normies” my favorite moment goes to well, I won't say it, but  it has something to do with a hammer. I will do a follow up spoiler review very soon full of reactions, comments and nitpicks. Overall Avengers Endgame is a very satisfying conclusion to an amazing Superhero saga!