The latest Hellboy Trailer demonstrates how "dark" and "edgy" the franchise has become!

Not long after Fox debuted the trailer of X-Men Dark Phoenix which is to be their last  Marvel film, comes Lionsgate with a " Me too, me too" follow up of the Hellboy remake trailer.

The remake features actor David Harbour of Stranger Things fame, replacing the legendary Ron Perlman as the titular character.

Along for the ride, is Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil and a few other bad flicks.) as the antagonist.
While some scenes look promising, overall I think Revolution Studios us trying too hard to give this R Rated remake a more dark and edgier feel.

Also, the marketing catchphrase "Raise-Some-Hell" is a too cliche in my opinion. Time will tell whether  this movie will be a hit or a fart in the wind.

Hellboy arrives April 12th.


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