The Bop Drop R.I.P. King Kong Bundy

Life struck with death again. First Keith from The Prodigy committed suicide. Then Luke Perry also died, but to me the most shocking of them all is King Bong Bundy 

A good hero needs a good villain. King Kong Bundy was that villain. WWE, then WWF, in the 80s was awesome. You had such a collection of fantastic characters that it made up for great television. King Kong Bundy was one of the characters, who really stood out during that time. He was fat, he was bald and he was mean. He was 6 foot 4 (1.93 meters) and weighed 450 American pounds (204 kg). And he had no trouble squashing people with his fat body. Next to that he also looked very pale which made for an awesome look. And you hated him when he beat up poor wrestlers and then demanded the ref to give the 5-count instead of a 3-count. What an arrogant bastard he was.

His most famous match is the Wrestle Mania 2 cage match against Hulk Hogan. The way it looked Hogan finally met the opponent he could not beat. It made up for a great historic match.

Historic match

People will also remember him for squashing midget wrestlers Little Beaver at Wrestle Mania. Truth to be told, Little Beaver had it coming. It created an awesome image seeing that behemoth squashing that little guy.

Where is the squash, fucking Internet?

After Wrestle Mania 3 King Kong Bundy was gone soon. I never understood why. It took years later, some time in the 90s for the WWE to bring King Kong Bundy back. However, King Kong Bundy was misused and left after a short time. People then wondered where he was and it turns out he turned into a stand-up comedian. He seemed to be a good one, but never got the publicity to become a major stand-up comedian star. He was also known as a funny man in the WWE locker room. 

One great story was that Bundy took a flight with Bobby Heenan once. Bundy was sitting next to Heenan and was sleeping. The stewardess came to Bobby and asked what Bobby wanted to eat. Then she asked Bobby what King Kong Bundy would like to eat. Bobby said a pail of fish. What Bobby didn’t know was that Bundy heard that. So the next thing Bundy did was turn over and lay on Bobby Heenan for the rest of the flight and kept sleeping. Bobby Heenan had nowhere to go.

Legendary duo!

King Kong Bundy also made it onto Married With Children, one of the best TV comedies of all time. It was a no-brainer that he would be some kind of family to the Al Bundy and company. And, also, he had a small role in the fantastic Richard Pryor movie Moving.

King Kong Bundy and the Bundy family

King Kong Bundy was only 61 years old. R.I.P. and thank you for all the wonderful entertainment, master of the 5-count.