What's up boyos, it’s the first week of 2019 and already we've seen people saying or doing some crazy shite! Let's get to it..!!

Blindbox Challenge or more like, Mentally challenged!

Netflix's apocalyptic thriller, Blindbox has reached critical acclaim and as a result, some viewers have resorted to putting a blindfold over their eyes to "see" whether or not, they can accomplish the simple tasks that those who have sight, often take for granted.

This is what happens when some people have too much time on their hands or empty heads!

Kevin Hart-to-Hart

Actor and "Comedian" Kevin Hart landed himself in deep shit after he made a few insensitive tweets toward the LBGTQRSTUV community that he apologized for 2 years ago, yet that wasn't enough for the community nor the Academy.
I guess they didn't "hear" his apology loud enough, so Hart backed out of hosting this year's Oscars until he dropped this hint on Ellen DeGeneres' show. 

So, there's speculation that Hart will host the Academy Awards after all but meanwhile, his costar of the 2018 dumpster fire called Night School and friend Tiffany Haddish, performed standup in Florida and well, that didn't work out too well for the ratchet comedienne.

I guess that's karma for not being loyal to Kevin, who in fact, helped the ratty bitch's career or could it be the fact that she lacks talent? Regardless, that ho aint loyal!

So, you wants fries to go with that black eye?

What happens when some privileged punk tries to assault a counter person at McDonald's for not giving him a fucking straw? 

I guess he learned a lesson of hard knocks-to the face! Never mess with a sista who's having a hard day!And on top of that working at Mickey Ds! Unfortunately, the young lady got fired for DEFENDING HERSELF while the brothas just stood by!! So much for chivalry within the community. Well, they did her a huge favor. The food there is great for constipation relief, so I heard.
Also, the “dumbass” who grabbed said counterperson, has been arrested and charged with assault.
In the end, these privileged, pampered punks harassing food workers, will get their just “desserts” like that piece o’ shite Aaron Scholsenberg.

What a "wonderful world"!

But wait! Here's a bonus clip that's been the latest buzz during the week of 1/4/2019!!