Trailer Trashed! X-Men Dark Phoenix 2nd trailer and Hellboy! Um, "wow"!

Now that 20th Century is acquired by Disney, we can officially steal their logo! 
Ho, Ho Ho, Santa Stalks have a few presents from last week, well depending on how you feel about these two trailers for upcoming movies next year! You decide if their worth your time and money.

Anyway, here's the trailer for the "highly anticipated" X-Men Dark Phoenix movie.

Um, the sooner Marvel takes hold of this franchise, all the better! Glad Singer is no longer involved for various reasons.My reaction for this practically similar to Kim's from the previous Dark Phoenix trailer.

But wait!! Here's another trailer from another Comic franchise rebooted just for you! HELLBOY!
Pretty much the same marketing material found in superhero trailers, i.e. lacking niche and while many will unfairly compare it to GDT's version, I think the reboot will at least deliver more action and smashing things! After all, that's what most moviegoers expect when going to these kinds of films. Any comments? Drop 'em if you got 'em!