Sky & Ollie's Fookin New Year's!

Just when Christmas is over, the boyos are back in town to serve leftover HAM to you Turkeys! It’s Sky & Ollie's Fookin New Year's celebrating the highs and low-down dirty shame of 2018!

Here are your hosts, Sky & Ollie!

*Audience clapping*

Sky: Happy soon-to-be New Year's Ollie and co!

Ollie: New Year's, big fucking deal!

Sky: Ols, you can't say "fucking", we're trying to keep things a bit clean now that we have a new home ( and with it, a new kindler, gentler image....

*Both laughing hysterically, followed by audience laughter*

Ollie: Wasn't there a famous now infamous comedian who suggested that others within his field, tone down the harsh language?
Wonder whatever happened to him?
Oh, wait!

*Audience laughs*

Sky: I can't say whether he really committed all those crimes or not, but I question those who would wait decades before coming forth and remember, not all the facts added up.

Ollie: Some were legit claims while others were falsified narratives, tryin to get a fat paycheck outta the deal.Those chicks knew he was married and shit yet hooked up with him so its hypocrisy on both sides!And why aren't the prosecutors doubling down on Weinstein or this Jeffrey Epstein? I smell double standards!

Sky: Yes and ironically, most of the accused are still walking free and one of them is actually running the Whitehouse. He also appointed a drunk fratboy as SCOTUS!

*Shock in awe Music*

Ollie: When you say, "running the Whitehouse", isn't Frank Underwood dead?

Sky: You idiot! I'm talking about the Donald, not Kevin Spacey's fictional character from Netflix's House of Cards!

Ollie: And that leads to a segue from the various award categories of 2018. The "You gotta be fucking kidding me" award goes to Kevin Spacey's cryptic message "Let's be Frank"!

Sky: That's cryptic as in "batshit"!
I tell you, Ols, this #Metoo movement is to be taken seriously!
Although it can be and has been used as a means for personal vendettas. Without due process, said movement, can be weaponized!

Ollie: And to think, this all started from some zucchini nosed woman.
Who in the hell would harass that?!?

*Audience boos**

Ollie: Oh piss off you twazzers, it was a joke! Well, not really.
You must be the uptight idiots from the BMD forums!

Sky: Ollie, some of our audience consists of Women and we must pay an ounce of respect toward the fairer sex.

Ollie: I'll say the same thing, I once said to the LBGTQRSTUV community; "If you can take a dick, you can take a joke"! Why are people so easily offended these days?

Look at the poor bastid, Kevin Hart.
Granted he's not funny at all, but some whiny lil bitches dig through past homophobic tweets he made nearly a decade ago!

And the "Sorry, not sorry but I really am a sorry ass" award goes to Kevin Hart's back n forth apology.

Sky: He might as well hosted the Oscars after all. So why hasn’t Hollywood come out (Poor choice of words.) against those comediennes who said far worse about the community?

Ollie: Double standards, again!

Sky: Ollie....!

Ollie: Jus sayin, bruh.

Sky: Fair enough, I guess. Be mindful, we don't want to be accused of saying anything "hateful", riiight?

Ollie: Oh, I see where you're going with this. Say wasn't that same accuser angry that Luke Cage was too "Social Justicey"?Sorry, not sorry, but Netflix ain't having some outdated "Where's my money, honey" scene with Cage fighting Dr. Doom!

And speaking of shitcanned shows, here's the founder of article series such as "Attack on the 80's" "Chopping Block" and of course, the S&O Show.

The Man who like Col. John Matrix of Commando, has made enemies all over the world, (Of cyberspace internet forums, that is.) our boyo, Stalks who's here to list the top cancelled shows in the Year 2018!

Ollie: By "enemies", you meant the sycophant troublemakers, racists, backstabbers, trolls and their enablers, right? Just asking for a friend. And without further ado, heeerrreee's Stalkeye!

*Cheers, Jeers and a few standing ovations *

Stalks: 2018 was another batshit year of "outragism" "racism" "Neo Feminism” “terrorism" a few other "jisims", but also, this year will be remembered as the year of series that we're unexpectedly cancelled.
Chopping Block presents: "In memoriam"!

Luke Cage 

After a mediocre first season, the Cage series made a huge improvement during its second run thanks to an immersive storyline, supporting cast which includes Alfrie Woodward as one vile bitch villainess along with Bushmaster who had a backstory almost as good as Black Panther's Erik Killmonger!
On a sad note, it was character actor Reggie Cahill's last performance prior to succumbing to Cancer.The series despite a huge viewership, was cancelled to the surprise of many be they fans of the series or the titular character.
Needless to say, Luke Cage wasn't the first Marvel Netflix show to get the axe...

Iron Fist

Those few who listened to the Netcast Podcast featuring Bop, Rose and I, are aware of my contempt for this series and despite several improvements ranging from Finn Jones' fight chorography, solid supporting characters and again, a good villain backstory, Netflix and Marvel had amicably taken measures to cancel Iron Fist altogether.I can't say that I will miss it but if those rumors are true about Disney rebooting Fist and Cage for a Heroes for Hire series, I'm sold!


Now, if the cancellation of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist tugged your heartstrings, the sudden announcement of Marvel's Daredevil, is the gut punch that’s hard to recover from because  not only was the tentpole for Marvel Televised Universe, but it introduced the TV viewing audience to one take hallway fight scenes!

This series was not only met with critical praise but as with 2008's Iron Man, this franchise opened doors for other shows within the Marvel/Netflix continuity like the Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and the Punisher.

Charlie Cox gave an excellent performance as Matt Murdock, a blind attorney by day but Superhero at night. Of course, props toward the supporting cast members Wohl, Dawson and of course Vincent Donofrio as Wilson Fisk.Hopefully the house of da Mou$e will recast them for a reboot but I'm not holding my breath.


Just when we thought we've seen the last of this putrid pleb, like a horror movie monster, she's baaaaccck... Or rather, was!Riding off the huge success of her rebooted series, Roseanne Barr posts what is seen as a racially offensive tweet to a former aide who served within the Obama administration.  Oh, and need I have to state that she's "blek"?

As a result, the backlash was swift-resulting in the cancellation of her  self-titled show after two episodes. To add insult to injury, a new series called The Connors, debuted sans Roseanne. This time, it was Barr's character that was killed off instead of John Goodman's Dan.(I guess opioids is good for some things, amirite?)

Megyn Kelly Today

And speaking of big mouths, NBC was forced to cancel Kelly's Today Show after she defended wearing blackface makeup during a Halloween segment. Well suffice to say, ol Kelly was quickly removed from her show due to her insensitive comments and most importantly, low ratings! However, she's receiving a nice severance package from "Nothing But Cretins". Hey, she can always get a job as the Grand Marshall for the Sinta Klaus festival in Holland. Megyn, this is for you! 

Ash Vs The Evil Dead

Another one bites the dust. After three seasons, the engagingly Horror Comedy spinoff of the Evil Dead films aired its last season during 2018. Bruce Campbell reprises his role as the titular character Ash Williams, providing over the top laughs and gore. The finale was bittersweet kinda like Phantasm Ravager, but if there's one way to close out on both the series and the character himself, this would suffice. Ash went out with a bang, but not the “bang” he preferred.

Other notable cancellations include:

Orange is the new Black
Seven Seconds

Now excuse me if I start the new year by pouring a drink for these shows while taking the piss on Megyn. Happy New Years!

Ollie: So, all we have left now on Netflix is Jessica Jones and GLOW? I guess I’ll check out GLOW since Bop recommended it. And speaking of "Women's Wrestling", how's about that beta male who allowed those racist cunts to cut his hair in order to prevent disqualification from a Wrestling match?

And the "Thank you sir, may I have another” award goes to..

Sky: Sad state of affairs we're living in nowadays, Brother and things might get worse for the upcoming year.
I know in America, there's this disturbing trend that has White women calling the police on Blacks who have done absolutely nothing wrong, that's if coexisting is considered a crime. That being said, the kid should've pulled a Colin Kaepernick and just refused to comply!

Ollie: And to think how this all started from the funt called Jennifer Schulte aka "Barbecue Becky".
And that leads us to Youtube Video of the Year!

Sky: If only, Ollie, if only. So, let's wrap this up, shall we? Any predictions for 2019?

Ollie: I'll ask Alexa, which I received as one of my Christmas stocking stuffers. Introducing Amazon's digital assistant device called Alexa that does everything but cook your breakfast!


In 2019, both Aint it Cool contributors, Dannie Knowles and Matthew Essary are revealed as an affront for Harry Knowles writing reviews for his site that he supposedly have left post groping scandal.

Another prediction involving "Dirty Harry" is that he will be arrested for entering a ladies room within the Alamo Theater while looking into female stalls.
Other charges leveled against Knowles, will be impersonating a female as in his "Sister" in order to enter the Women's Restroom.

Meanwhile Contributor Hercules gets beaten to death by a gang of Neoconservatives with a swastika tattooed on his bare buttocks as seen in HBO'S Oz...


Ollie: What a fitting "ending" for that loser bitch. Ok, any other predictions?

Future Marvel projects post Avengers Endgame will still include cameos from the late Stan Lee..

Ollie: Wait a second! Isn't he dead? How is that possible??

Alexa: CGI

Former writers from Talkbacker and Supernaughts will join together to develop a new blog site ......oh, wait..its already happened!

Stalkeye will come out with a new recording album that consist of more Misfits covers...only 10 mp3 albums were downloaded. Mostly by stoners who got high while listening to what Stalkeye refers to as "singing" While others use his songs for their Car alarms or a mugger deterrent device that scares would be criminals.

In the midst of the #Metoo era, Gynecologists around the world, will be arrested and charged without due process for sexual assault.

Bop will host his own radio show called "The Bop Drop" with Jen as his cohost. Said program will consist of interviewing Movie, Television and Wrestling guests followed by brutally honest commentary.  It will reach well over a hundred markets in syndication. After Disney acquired the channel that owns his show, Bop immediately resigned but not before yelling "Fuck Disney"!

Asimovlives stars in his own show as an official film critic. Although successful, Asi receives daily death threats for trashing JJ Abrams and the Alt-Reich, while praising The Last Jedi.

Meanwhile Dee is working at Disney's new Star Wars theme park, dressed as an Ewok. Because he's way too short for a Stormtrooper.

Kim lands a movie deal with Universal Pictures for a live action adaptation based on his satirical comic, Studio-Head. starring Kyle Gass and Emily Bett Rickards from CW's Arrow.

Millions more will suffer fatalities from Opioid addiction and overdose.
Most of the fatalities will be backwater inbred racists and rednekkks. Followed by a massive hurricane storm surge caused by climate change.

It is believed, that the epidemic will gain more momentum after President Donald Trump gets impeached. Mike Pence became sitting president until he was caught performing fellatio in a underground Gay sex club.

Ollie: Now "Aint that Cool News"!

Sky: Happy New Years and if anyone out there is offended...

Alexa: "Fuck you".

Ollie: Good night!

*Audience gives a rousing applause*

Ending theme: set it off