Doubling Down: Cinema Marketing thou Art!

So, the new Movie Poster for Marvel's upcoming Captain Marvel has arrived and the Geek  news sites were all over it! "Whoo-hoo"! *Sarcasm off* The poster itself, looks like a Super Saiyan mockup.
Hmm, It must be a slow news day in popular culture,  as I cant see why this consist of "Breaking news", for shit's sake, it's just poster art for a movie scheduled in just 3 months from now!

I think certain online sites, will post nearly anything related to nerd culture without publishing more creative content.While some are known for clever articles, even they give in to the "initiative" of spoonfeeding the geeks for  unnecessary hyperbole or of course, boosting their numbers! Some may accuse these sites of shilling as in receiving "pwesants"  from motion picture studios as a means of appreciation,  but personally, I just chalk it up to wanting to be the first kid on the block to put out some new material.

However, its not necessarily the same when nearly everyone else is doing the same goddamn thing!!
Marvel Studios and other companies,  knew exactly what they  are doing in order to promote their content to the masses and frankly, it's working!

Its funny speaking as a GenXer, because "back in my day", there was no internet that  kept posting newsfeeds of upcoming movies,  as a kid, we had to rely on Movie posters be it within the subways or  outside of a theater in order to gather interest. If we were lucky, there would be some segment on a show like entertainment tonight, generating the buzz!
When I first laid eyes on this poster as a kid, I HAD to see this movie!!

Movie posters are sometimes the  luck of the draw, say you're out on a date and happen to check into a theater, you say to your date while staring at a poster, "oh, this looks like a cool movie, let's check it out"! (True story, Ladies and Gentlemen.)
Sexy Poster+Girls with gun=BAD Movie!

Then 2 hours later, you end up with buyer's remorse. Or maybe not.
What I'm saying overall, is reporting about a Movie poster as if it were "cool news", is uninspired journalism. Sure it may create more enthusiasm especially to the faithful, as they'll lap it all up, me, i'll stick to word of mouth than believing that a "picture is worth a thousand words" or rather, millions of dollars! (Box office wise.)Trailer reactions and early reviews are one thing, but this...?

Speaking of "trailer", here's the latest one of Ms.Marvel I meant Captain Marvel

That being said, I like this Fanmade poster that is more palatable than what was originally shown.

Doubling Down is a opinion piece series dedicated to unapologetic and uncompromising commentary.


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