The Weakest Link in a "Chain of Fools"!

In the Shits n "Giggles"column, over the weekend I received an earful of complaints toward a certain Moderator who is still up to his old tracks. Therefore, I  thought it was time for a special op ed that to many is long overdue.
Let's get to it!

Dis-claimer: The opinions of this author expressed therein for the most part reflect Poptic Nerve and many, many others except the blind fools who still cape for you.

At the time of this writing, it’s been exactly a year when Aint it Cool News founder Harry Knowles was forced to step down amid allegations of sexual misconduct  but not until after the mass exodus not only by the most dedicated of talkbackers but nearly the entire staff, with the exception of one-the hypocritical narcissist feckless twat, James  Michael Kozak aka "Hercules" who stayed behind.

And while the torch of site ownership has been passed, it’s still within the family, literally as in Dannie Knowles, Harry's dear sister Satan.

As for now, there are a few indications that the once popular geeksite is still struggling to maintain an audience!

Am I exaggerating? Just look at how the thread comments are few and far between. And despite deploying a new staff of writers, the content is not consistent enough, especially compared to competing sites like Dark Horizons, Birth, Movies and Death and so forth.

However, there’s one thing you can count on and that's Hercules the Weak with his clickbating political articles that cause nothing but discord among the talkbacker posters or those who happen to stop in and tune in due to morbid curiosity. 

Well, I hate to break it to you "Jercules", but your shtick is played the fuck out! 
Many have caught onto your game and avoided your weak attempts of shit stirring.
It's one thing to be a provocateur, but at least come up with something original instead of throwing out sharkbait.

Aside from that, your TV columns are boring and full of shit...I meant "shill" as in those Amazon links which you often use to hock bargain basement Blu Ray discs.

"Blu-Rays"? Oh, haven’t you heard that physical media is dying out just like AICN's readership (Which you are practically the sole reason of why so many have abandoned the site, never to return.) How much revenue is going in your pockets after splitting it up with Sister and Brother Knowles, jackass?

Are the new guys getting any of the remaining crumbs or is it just a side hobby like the rest of us working stiffs who can make their own blog site, publish content and even make a decent amount of coin?

With all the competition out there, AICN is pretty much a shadow of its former self and as one Talkbacker mentioned, you're a nobody going nowhere.

Look at you, while C, Robert Cargill aka Massawyrm has gone onto writing scripts for Marvel Studios, you're up to the same old shit. So bitter that you're left behind that you're becoming more of what you hate...a fascist!

And for someone who calls himself "Hercules the Strong", you have a very  fragile ego as it has often been demonstrated over many years. We watched you abuse talkbackers who hold a different political or critical perspective than your own and even those who do subscribe to your beliefs, end up disrespected. So quick to administer the infamous banhammer especially when you get your widdle feelings hurt and I take pleasure in your lack of fortitude. You really are a instigator at best and a whiny little bitch at worse! Further giving the site more of a bad reputation than it in some ways, rightfully deserve! More hated than Harry regardless of political affiliation.

So congratulations "Hercules", aside from the new kids on the Aint it Fool block, you my foolish comrade, are the weakest link! Enjoy what's left of your echo chamber, there are far better Geek News sites than "Aint It Fool News". Just saying.

Special Acknowledgments:  
So many past visitors from AICN, some who are buddies of mine of course.

Editor's Note: Dannie Knowles has reached out to me in regards to a few statements that she feel is incorrect or of misrepresentation. Ms. Knowles suggested that we debate my sentiments and discuss AICN's future. I of course, agreed and sent a few questions, since she would not debate via Twitter. As of yet, she has not responded to a Q&A segment.

I guess in hindsight, I stand uncorrected!