The Bop Drop: FX’s Mayans M.C. Is Better Than I Expected

There used to be this cool TV show called Sons of Anarchy. At first sight it seemed that show would suck, because let’s face it “Who likes bikers?”. However, the creator Kurt Sutter, managed to create a great show that cemented itself among the best TV shows on television ever. Even now, when you pop in an episode it is still very enjoyable. 

This brings me to Mayans MC, a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. The big question was:” Could Kurt Sutter turn this into a worthy spin-off?” The answer is:” Hell, yeah”!

I looked at some comments at imdb, you know the snob-site with the critic-pretenders, who think they have taste, while in reality, the only taste they have is from the dicks they are swallowing.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the comments:

1/1 Unwatchable and just plain bad, he says

Well, that guy needs a lobotomy and should be neutered. One should not be allowed to critic TV shows if one has no brain and one should not procreate.

Written by teenagers and acted by their drama club

This motherfucker gives teenagers way too much credit.

A decent watch and interesting plot. However CGI of animals is so cringe-worthy

This guy should return to watch Disney cartoons and go fuck himself at the same time. Who cares about CGI of animals in a TV show about bikers and similar scum?

Crap story line with too many subtitles

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an illiterate moron right here. Too many subtitles is one of his complaints. Well, how about learning to read, motherfucker? The subtitles are there for a reason. You are a moron because you don’t understand Spanish, so you should be glad there are subtitles. You could learn some Spanish from them, but judging you, and rightfully so, you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Bloody moron.

So, there is lots of negativity and for the dumbest reasons, while the reason is that a moron-mind can’t comprehend entertainment when it hits it in its moron face.

Mayans Mc is a worthy spin-off to Sons of Anarchy. Just like Sons of Anarchy it starts slow, but then it captures your attention and it doesn’t let go. It has also a different vibe from Sons of Anarchy. In the beginning you don’t care much for most characters, but they get fleshed out slowly. 

Coco and the psycho girl

You will never forget Los Olvidados (ha) and how badass they are. 

Don’t fuck with this woman

You will also never forget Edward James Olmos who totally steals the show here. EZ is not a Jax and I don’t know if he will be. He is undercover in the Mayans and only time will tell if he will be exposed. We are only 2 episodes away from the end of the season and the stakes have been raised. Shit is gonna hit the fan. Who will live and who will survive?

Kurt Sutter, you still got it, but you already knew that. I know season 2 has been green lit and I can’t wait. Mayans MC is here to stay. And Kurt Sutter has balls. Big balls. And after you watch the first 6 or 7 episodes you will know why he has balls. I am not gonna tell you, but you will know exactly when.

PS. And what is all this Sarah Bolger hate? Yeah, her face is a bit strange, but unique-looking. That doesn’t mean you have to hate on her. Morons.

And that’s the drop!