Eye in the Sky: Remember, remember the 11th of September..

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of  Poptic Nerve...well, plenty of it does anyways.

The billowing plumes of smoke and ash, panic and confusion everywhere! Blood caked bodies piled up while the heroic first responders tenaciously rifle through the debris while inhaling dust that unfortunately, will feel the after effects from the toxic air many years later.

Families grieved upon learning of the loss of a loved one, while others were still hoping against hope wfor the many that have been unaccounted for. Among the pain, suffering and loss, a question loomed in the hearts and minds of so many...."why"?!?

Yes, we all unequivocally remember that fateful day. September the 11th 2001 another day of infamy and insanity.

What began as a calm Tuesday morning in downtown NYC was suddenly interrupted by a cabal of fanatical Islamic extremists, initiating some  holy war/fatwa against the United States when committing such henious mass murders. All, in the name of Allah and the empty promises of 1000 virgins in the afterlife.

(Shows where their twisted minds were.)

911 serves as a lesson that god, as we know him, does not exist!

I'm only saying this from an agnostic albiet cynical perspective, because if there is a god, why would he or even she allow such atrocities to occur?

From slavery to terrorism, Man's inhumanity to man has gone unchecked sooner than later.

Slavery hasnt been abolished until centuries later and mass genocides have replaced this cruel practice sometime afterwards.

Where was this  "divine intervention"? The innocents  deserve to live out their lives until the clock stops ticking, but I digress.

Terrorism is a very cowardly act, and in a post 911 world, it is more prevelant than ever! If not crashing planes into civilian buildings or shooting up churches, schools and concerts. People are walking clay piegions especially those of color as in black people!

Terrorism isn't restricted  to Al queda or ISIS, its in our own backyard and committed by other so called Americans!

There was a modicum of naivete when many assumed that the September 11th attacks would bring everyone closer like during the 3rd act of The Watchmen film and graphic novel. We would all hold hands, look out for our fellow man, love thy neighbors and so forth.

But that's far from the case.

Fast forward 17 years later and there's been incidence of rampant greed that led to a financial crisis, tabloid television, culture wars, GMOs, social media meltdowns, corporate sycophants, unjustifiable police shootings and an alarming spike of hate crimes fueled by rhetorical White Supremacist propaganda along with an unhinged President!

There is no such thing as kumbaya and to quote the scene from the Watchmen film; "What happened to me, what happened to you? What happened to the American dream"?

The "American dream"? Your'e living in it!

"This is not America", this is dystopia!

If America really wishes to honor both the sacrifices and loss of so many, you have to do much better than this! Otherwise September 11th remembrance is just another anniversary of a tragic event that might as well be in vain.

Stop the polarization spurred by empty suit politicians with dog whistle soapboxes ! Become a good citizen to work effortlessly alongside others regardless of race, creed, gender, etc. Have compassion for those who are less fortunate than you.

And most importantly, count your motherfucking blessings each day you draw breath because in today's  world, tommorow is not promised to no one!

"Never forget"? It seems as if most have already forgotten.

Don't just remember, Think!!