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The Revolution is now televised! Legendary Black Characters of Television

It’s February and you know what that means. No, I’m not talking about some silly commercialized Holiday where couples chose that one day to express their love toward one another, I’m talkin bout Black History Month, “sucka”! Now that Black History Month has officially arrived I thought I'd give a shout out to a few memorable Black characters from television, from protagonists to supporting roles. I'm won't be referring to milestones as they have often been done to death, just my personal picks, as it should be, since I'm the author writing this, bitch. :p So without further ado, here goes.. Robbing in the Hood Omar Little Played by: Michael K. Williams Series: The Wire "...a sawed-off shotgun toting terror, a vulnerable jailbird whose life lies in the balance, and a double crossing mastermind who outsmarts Baltimore's biggest drug dealers time and time again." Perhaps the most picked favorite charac

Blade (1998)

Starring Wesley Snipes, N'Bushe Wright, Stephen Dorff and Kris Kristofferson Written by David S. Goyer: Directed by Stephen Norrignton Need I say more? I saw this movie in the cinema and the sheer badassness in the opening scene will never ever be trumped. I will never ever see something like that in the cinema again. Not only that, the movie was very enjoyable and it has been said a lot of times and I will repeat it. Marvel should thank Wesley Snipes on their hands and knees for showing you can make a good comic adaptation and for saving Marvel's ass. Too bad Marvel let its ass get fucked by the mouse. -Bop's review of Blade (Greatest Heroes of Black Cinema, The Supernaughts-2016) With all this talk about the Black Panther film being the first Black Superhero or character based from a comicbook, I thought I’d shine some light on this sudden “revisionist’s history”. Although Black Panther is a major film backed by Disney, there was this one somewha

Captain America: Civil War Review

If there is one valid reason of why Cap is one of my favorite superheroes, I would easily say that it’s his courage of conviction and being a conscientious objector that motivates him to either question authority (Turning in his Uniform and Shield when the Government demanded that he should work for their best "interests".) or taking matters within his own hands, whenever he suspects something that is not right. And in the case of the latter, Steven Rodgers aka Captain America, is forced to take on the United States Government and even worse-half of the World's Mightiest Heroes led by his former friend and ally Anthony Stark! In Captain America: Civil War the third installment of the Marvel series loosely based on Mark Millar's divisive graphic novel, lines have been drawn when Cap and the Avengers try to stop Hydra Mercenary, Crossbones from acquiring an experimental biological weapon. Unfortunately, things go south real fast after collat

Black Panther (Non Spoiler Review)

After twenty years of a rumored movies based on the first Black Superhero of comicdom, the project has finally come to fruition. Produced by Disney’s Marvel Studios and directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station) Black Panther continues his storyline sometime after the events of Captain America, Civil War. Instead of going on a quest for vengeance,  T'challa (Chadwick Boseman)aka The Black Panther, goes through your hero's journey narrative while struggling with a duality complex be it securing his mantle as the new King of Wakanda and being the world’s savior. Let’s just say that his majesty has domestic problems and family squabbles especially now that an outsider is contesting his monarchy and destined for a revolution that will not be televised! For those of the uninitiated, Wakanda is a fictional isolated nation within the continent of Africa which has become a super power due to an element called Vibranium, capable of absorbing kinetic

Sky & Ollie presents: The Ollie Awards! (Ollies)

Disclaimer:   The views and opinions expressed therein are those of Sky and Ollie and do not necessarily represent official policy or position of Poptic Nerve. Sky: Hullo World, it seems that after a long hiatus, me and my ahem, "esteemed" cohost, Ollie is back for yet another yearly retrospective and recollections. Ollie: Aye fooker, it’s been long overdue and now that we're free of our contract, we don't have to comply with anybody's rules or edicts. Oh, that was during Pulp Epic. And speaking of dead sites, allow me to pour a few for our old friends at both Supernaughts and TMWSM. Despite his lackluster efforts, ol Scotty couldn't get it up and running in time just when AICN's demographic was slipping faster than a lubricated condom. That's when the Englishman Stewart aka "Da Man who saved Movies" took on the migration and boy did he regret it! Sky: Ah, Stu had such a humble place in the begin

Monday Morning Paperback: Black Panther

In honor of Black History Month and of course, the upcoming debut of Marvel's Black Panther Movie February 16th,   I dedicate this segment of MMP to the first Black Superhero of Comicdom, Tchalla, mostly known as The Black Panther! "Why are they’re not Black people in comics? Why aren’t they being represented"? -Jack Kirby when discussing that it was his idea to create Black Panther. From an archived interview. And to further elaborate on Kirby's contribution and co-creation of the Black Panther, read this interview ! This interview will always resonate within my geek soul as it lends further credence that Jack Kirby was responsible for a character who was a concept ahead of its time (the racially charged 60’s and the Civil rights era.) in both pop culture and most importantly, racial identification. It’s true to a certain extent, that Stan Lee helped to further embellish and establish BP’s concept, but the idea was originally Kirby’s as