Its October and you all know what that means right?
It's that "wonderful time of the year" during October where kids collect gobs of candy while dressed up as fictional characters and act silly....oh, for a moment, I thought we were talking about the NYC Comicon..! 

Ah, yes..Halloween! It's all Hallow's Eve and in the spirit of this festive holiday where it's cool to watch scary movies while snacking on mars bars you stole from your kids, here's a few sketches, illustrations, paintings and all kinds of fuckery dedicated to horror but, with a mix of something extra!

I present to you, Monster Mash-Ups!
Indiana Jones meets The Mummy by Stalkeye

Ash Vs Pinhead by Stalkeye
Dr. Fate and Ash Vs The Evil Dead by Stalkeye

Disney's Annabelle by IAM Better!
Suspiria Scream by Stalkeye

Ash Vs Pinhead: Dragging me to Hell by Stalkeye

Cupdead by Stalkeye

Frankenollie by Stalkeye