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Its October and you all know what that means right? It's that "wonderful time of the year" during October where kids collect gobs of candy while dressed up as fictional characters and act silly....oh, for a moment, I thought we were talking about the NYC Comicon..!  Ah, yes..Halloween! It's all Hallow's Eve and in the spirit of this festive holiday where it's cool to watch scary movies while snacking on mars bars you stole from your kids, here's a few sketches, illustrations, paintings and all kinds of fuckery dedicated to horror but, with a mix of something extra! I present to you, Monster Mash-Ups! Indiana Jones meets The Mummy by Stalkeye Ash Vs Pinhead by Stalkeye Dr. Fate and Ash Vs The Evil Dead by Stalkeye Disney's Annabelle by IAM Better! Suspiria Scream by Stalkeye Ash Vs Pinhead: Dragging me to Hell by Stalkeye Cupdead by Stalkeye Frankenollie by Stalkeye

The Phantasman Show: Too Much Horror Business

In the debut of this series, the Phantasman and special guest Detective Dee (Formerly of Talkbacker, Supernaughts and everything else.) discuss the trends and troubles regarding the Horror film industry. Just in time for Halloween! Part 1                                                                            Part 2

It's "Hammertime"! Frankenstein Created Woman

It’s Hammer Time! Frankenstein created Woman “Good evening”,I am the Phantasman and welcome to this segment of articles based on a few of my favorite fright flicks from that infamous British Film Production company known to most Horror enthusiasts - Hammer Films. October is frequently known as the Month of Halloween however, it’s also Anti Bullying Month as well. Soooo, I took it upon my righteous self to feature Frankenstein created Woman. When it comes to certain Horror films, I find myself at times, rooting for the “Monster” protagonist who through mistreatment from society in turn enacts vengeance against his/her oppressors. Take Carrie for instance in which the titular character gets pushed around in high school until she started pushing back, literally via the powers of telekinesis!! To me, it was one of the best revenge films of cinema despite its roots in Horror. However, before Brian De palma’s classic tale, there was another revenge film tha

Anime Amok: Elfen Lied

Collage courtesy of Stalkeye Anime Amok is a series of articles dedicated to the most controversial Anime shows and OVAs. As it’s my personal mission in life to inform the reader, meaning-YOU, that Anime is not all about Mecha, Martial Arts, Cutesy characters and High School Comedies and such. Let’s take a trip on the wild side of Anime. Elfen Lied Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things , is known for paying several homages from 80’s pop culture references, however, there is one of the protagonists from the series, that was inspired from an anime series that debuted not too long ago. Eleven’s story arc and premise is loosely based on Elfen Lied ; an exceptional paranormal tale that encompasses various metaphors and subsequent themes of social alienation, identity, bigotry, revenge, abuse, jealousy, regret, redemption and the value of humanity. In a nutshell, it’s like a David Cronenberg, Stephen King and Alan Moore concept but with a sprinkle of X-Men sans super hero

The Art and Sound of Suspiria (1977)

A long time ago, in an era far from today... The Year was 1977: It was one of the many significant eras that ushered in an exciting wave of mediums within popular culture be it blockbuster summer films, innovative music, fashion trends and of course, television. So let’s look back at  cool milestones of pop culture way over 40 years ago shall we? In a mood for a high-concept spine tingling thriller imported from Italy? Well, look no further! Released on August 12, 1977 and directed by Italian horror legend, Dario Argento, Suspiria, is a suspense fright fest about an American ballet student, Suzy Bannon (Jessica Harper) who travels to Germany to attend some prestigious ballet academy. When arriving late on a stormy night, no one lets her enter the crimson colored building, suddenly she sees Pat Hingle (Eva Axén), another student, fleeing from the school and into the woods. As the frantic Pat reaches her apartment, she begins to see bizarre images and is brutally murd