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The WGA Strike is finally over, but now what?

With Major Studios and the WGA reaching a deal after three months, it all seems rosy on the surface, however, there are still a few caveats to consider. For starters, although there are few writers who turn in great screenplays, there are plenty who lack creativity, nuance or consistency.  If you have watched the Marvel Phase four films up to Thor Love and Thunder, you’ll know exactly where I'm coming from. By the way, that doesn't let the recent Warner Brothers DC films off the hook either. I can't say whether its writers trying to reach a deadline, studio interferences or just plain laziness and it's not only restricted to certain movies but some television shows such as the season finale of The Walking Dead, or 2nd season of Yellowjackets, feels as if it's running on autopilot or just ran out of ideas. However, Twisted Metal, Painkiller, Let the Right One In, Ashoka, Dead City, HBO's House of the Dragon, and especially The Last of Us are shining examples of s


Written by Creepythinman (!!!FACT!!!) I was walking past the magazine section of Wal-Mart and saw something unusual, a 55th anniversary edition magazine of George A. Romero’s seminal 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, not only one of the most iconic Horror movies ever made but IMHO a movie that split the Horror genre into two eras; Pre-NOTLD and Post-NOTLD.  In my review of Dan O’Bannon’s Return of the Living Dead posted here  I go into detail about the impact NOTLD had but this magazine got me thinking what the movie was really about and the meaning behind it all.  I bought the magazine sight-unseen thinking that when I got home it would be a celebration of a landmark film that not only defined the modern zombie genre but influenced an entire generation of filmmakers and showed that Horror wasn’t something for children.  But being hopelessly naïve due to my excitement overriding my common sense and forgetting the political era that we’re in, instead of being about the movie itself

Vigilante Cinema: The Genre that Pushed Too Far!

 From early classics like Dirty Harry to modern day hits such as the Crow, and John Wick, vigilante cinema has been a popular genre for decades. But what exactly is vigilante cinema?  Vigilante cinema is a sub-genre of action films that typically centers around a protagonist who takes the law into their own hands, seeking revenge and justice against criminals and wrongdoers. The vigilante may be a police officer, a citizen, or someone who has been wronged via a traumatic experience from being sexually assaulted to having their friends and families murdered by criminals. These films often have gone too far in their depiction of extreme violence, gore, and graphic content. They appeal to our most primal instincts and provide a sense of catharsis – we get to see the bad guys get what's coming to them.  Vigilante movies have been around for decades, but it wasn't until the 1970s that the sub-genre began to really take shape starting with 1971’s Dirty Harry starring Clint Eastwood a

TB @ 10 and "About the Author!"

It's been 10 years already?? Everybody got something to say "talkbacker" well, I had plenty to say about my first published article 10 years ago in early September 24, 2013. Y'see, I was your average commentator at the Aint it Cool News forums, who would shitpost during downtime at work like everyone else and for the most part, those were interesting times going at it with a few trolls, incels, racists, etc. But for the most part, we drop comments about the reviews and articles published by Harry Knowles and Co. Then after one too many incidents happening i.e., Harry’s firing of "Billy the Kid" or "Herc constantly banning commenters" and then there was this proposed TV show that was crowdfunded but at the time did not come to fruition. Those who donated were pissed and out of disappointment and disdain, thus began . Now I forgot where and when I first heard about Talkbacker but when I found out that there was an open publisher progr

Blue Beetle Review “Iron Meh?”

The current state of Warner Brothers DC Universe is dare I say it, "Dire straits!" With previous films failing to make a dent at the box office and a shakeup changing of the division being met with both praise and skepticism, not to mention the WGA and SAGFRA strike still ongoing, how will the studio that gave us 1989's Batman, will overcome the odds? I can't answer that, but for now here is the latest offering from Warner Brothers DC division, Blue Beetle.Although  Xolo Mariduena was one of the highlights from the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai but can even his star power help to pull Warner Brothers from out of their Superhero slump? Directed by Ángel Manuel Soto Blue Beetle centers around Jamie Reyes, a college grad who becomes infused with a symbiotic scarab thingamajig. Jamie comes off, optimistic i.e. naive, and believes he can achieve the American Dream by being a successful attorney and to get his impoverished family from out from their unsavory conditions t