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This Week In….?!?

Firings, Deaths, and other news. This week has been a lightning rod for pop culture and news in general. Harry Belafonte RIP Legend Singer, Actor, and most importantly, activist has died at the age of 90. Born in Harlem to Caribbean parents, Belafonte, known for his Jamaican calypso song “Day-O” aka The Banana Boat Song, as an activist marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and bailed out protesters during the Civil Rights struggle. Belafonte helped to coordinate efforts for US Aid for Africa's starving population through the celebrity ensemble project "We Are the World" which included Diana Ross, Cindy Lauper, Lionel Ritche, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson among a few. During the 50's he was perhaps the first nonwhite sex symbol that crossed racial lines courtesy of films Island in the Sun,” and “Carmen Jones. “That latter featuring Dorothy Dandridge, the first Black Female Sex Symbol!  In 2022 he was inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. One of his last appearanc

G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013) Is More like “Redemption!”

The Joes are under attack and falsely accused of treason by Cobra. With only four of America's Elite Special missions force left, who can they turn to? "Call in G.I. Joe " as in the General Joe Colton, the OG Joe played by Bruce Willis?? Directed by Jon M. Chu and written by Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick, (The two Screenwriters responsible for Deadpool) Retaliation serves as a soft reboot from the first film, Rise of Cobra and in many ways, it supersedes it, thanks to grounded action scenes, dynamic set pieces and pathos as Duke's demise, whose death was originally intended for 1986's G.I. Joe the Movie but instead, Marvel and Sunbow walked it back! Retaliation is a huge step up from Rise of Cobra. For starters, the sequel was more influenced by Larry Hama's stint from Marvel Comics as opposed to the overblown sci fi elements and weak comedic timing from the 2009 movie. Speaking of which, some actors from "Rise" like Channing Tatum, Ray Park, Arnold V

And Here We Go Again…(Nerd Rage Culture)

There was an interview with Chris Rock after his 1996 Stand-up "Bring the Pain" where the Comedian addressed the controversial " Blacks vs Nigg**s " skit, his arbitrary defense was, "there's always gotta be that "it", “as in certain individuals whose actions lead to very negative connotations toward groups and communities as a collective. Especially when it comes to marginalized people. Thus, evoking bad stereotypes for Hispanics, Jews, and especially Blacks. Despite my issues with Rock, I knew exactly where he came from when he made that comment.  A true Black person especially FBAs, do not cosign with the "Pooky and Ray-Rays" within society. So now this brings the geeks in mind. Therein lies that contingent where a bunch of entitled assholes feel that if they don't like an actor's performance of a fictional character that they cherish, or certain business decisions within a Movie or television studio, these idiots go as far as

Unboxing In Search of Darkness III: Review

And now, a video follow up to the critically acclaimed Superdoc series In Search of Darkness pt. III The third and final installment of the 80's horror documentary trilogy. Is the third time a charm?  Take advantage of the Flash Sale happening until April 11th.

After 30 years, The Fallen Son still Rises!

Photo collage: Stalkeye "We had gone out to dinner — Brandon, myself, my wife and a bunch of other people — and we got into a discussion about the business. I was telling him how long I had been working and that I felt like I wasn't getting the breaks I deserved to get — all those actor sort of things. And he was trying to be encouraging, talking about how he had a three-picture [lined up] and was about to get married. He was like, 'Hang in there — if it can happen to me, it can happen for you.' And then the next day, he was gone. It was a real wake-up call. He was such a sweet guy, and it's such a shame what happened to him." -Actor Ernie Hudson, costar of 1994's The Crow I remember the shocking news as if it was yesterday.  Where were you when you heard that actor and son of the legendary Bruce Lee died 30 years ago approximately around March 31st? Back then, there was no such thing as the internet immediate word of mouth, just the local news, but in my

Q & A Interview With In Search of Darkness' Creator David A. Weiner

In this special episode of Dine in Hell Podcast, I have a one on one interview with Writer, Producer and Director of the critically acclaimed  Superdocs In Search of Darkness and In Search of Tomorrow respectively. Mr. Weiner embarks on his love of classic Horror films, who served as the catalyst for what would be, his outstanding career, the ISOD series, and other topics including a  bonus game of trivia! Strap in, as we go back in time as in the age that redefined popular culture-the eighties! Intro Theme: "In Search of Darkness" Courtesy of Weary Pines Outro Theme: "Beware of Darkness" Courtesy of Balzac Checkout Mr. Weiner's blogsite "It Came From" Take advantage of the ISOD Flash Sale , that's running until April 11th or while supplies last!