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Joker Review: Send in the Clown

So, after all the hype and especially the theater going crowd died down, we finally went to see Warner Bros' Joker! Based on the popular Batman villain created by Bill Finger, Joker is an intriguing exposition of DC Comics' homicidal character when laying the groundwork of his origin. From the start of this tale, we are introduced to Arthur Fleck, an emaciated, mentally disabled man, who lives with his ailing mother within the slums of Gotham City. Arthur tries to make ends meet by handling odd jobs i.e. wearing clown makeup while advertising a storefront. And since the setting of this movie takes place during the early eighties, where the crime rate is astronomical, things don't go too easy for poor Fleck. As a nightly ritual, Arthur and his Mother, Penny watches a variety show in the vein of Johnny Carson hosted by  Marty Franklin (Robert DeNiro) whose monologue inspires Arthur to be a comedian. Of course, there's blatant parallels betwee

Ode to Sega Genesis

Ah, November! To many, December is thought of as that "most wonderful time of the year ", but being the contrarian that I am, that honor goes to the Month of November, since 1991 Where at the time, I was working for Toys R Us as a seasonal employee while making and saving enough money to buy this "hot" but not so new console called, Sega Genesis! Sega's successor to the Master System, debuted around August of 1989. I didn't get into videogames until a year later. At the time, I wasn't  too familiar with the Genesis nor did I care to invest in one since I already have the NES which had some damn fun titles, including hidden gems like Low G Man, Shatterhand, Isolated Warrior, Power Blade, Snakes Revenge and yes, G.I.Joe ! Yeah, I was content...until I saw a bunch of Television spots promoting the hell out of the Genesis, boasting about its 16-bit graphics while highlighting a few games. Also, the jingle, though immature, was ca