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Spider-Man: The Ralph Bakshi Sessions (1968-1970)

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can..."

Oh how I fondly remember that jingle from the  cartoon series featuring the iconic  superhero whose titular series  ran on syndicated networks during the mid to late 70's. (Despite having  originally debut during 1967.) What's so amusing about the Spider-Man series was the unintentionally hilarious seasons (Two and Three, respectively.) courtesy of production animator Ralph Bakshi Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, American Pop, just to name a few. and Krantz Films.
Krantz had taken over production of the series after the previous animation studio, Grantway-Lawrence, had went bankrupt. And with them, Stan Lee and John Romita's input. This would explain the lack of quality when it came to animation, generic villains and background music that occurred when Krantz Films had taken control of the series' second and third season. It was apparent that Spidey's show had taken a turn for the worse! Krantz had red…