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This-is-Dystopia!! Equilibrium (2002)

Directed by Kurt Wimmer In a not so distant future where all forms of feelings are illegal, a man once in charge of enforcing the law, rises to overthrow a fascist system.The film’s setting take place within a fictional totalitarian state called Libria, where it’s population consists of survivors from World War 3, that was stimulated by man’s fueled rage and inability to control their emotions. Thus the explanation of why Libria’s populace are under suppressed emotions, to prevent any further escalations of war.  In order to suppress Man's rage and emotion, a drug- a drug called Prozium has been developed to keep society in line to the extent of their behavior patterns mirroring that of the Stepford Wives. To further enforce their edict, the government dispatches super Police soldiers-Gramnerton Clerics Masters of Gun Fu! The clerics themselves, are reminiscent of   Blade Runners but instead of tracking Replicants, it is those individuals who violate the la