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Luke Cage Season Two: Hero up in Harlem

As an unintentional rule of thumb, the sequel is often superior than the first film or videogame (e.g. Empire Strikes Back, Road Warrior, The Dark Knight, Godfather 2, Modern Warfare 2, Red Dead Redemption, etc) but does this also applies to streaming based series such as Netflix's Luke Cage? Well, after I have done some series binge watching on and offline via Netflix's app,  we're about to find out. Based on the Marvel Comic and the very first Black American Superhero, the titular character returns for a second installment and this time, all hell up in Harlem is breaking loose starting with an unexpected "run in" with Johnny McIver who calls himself; Bushmaster! Luke, the blackman of steel and celebrated hero of Harlem has gotten a less than favorable reputation after getting knocked on his ass as Johnny claims himself Harlem's  new badass. But his main agenda is reclaiming his birthright by destroying Mariah Dillard&