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Gungrave (2003) Anime review

BEYOND THE GRAVE In each hand he wields "CERBERUS", his twin handguns and on his back he carries a coffin filled with heavy weapons. Cloaked in darkness and smelling of the grave, he is back to kick ass!  Revenge is a dish best served cold, cold as the unliving! Based on the hit Playstation 2 videogames during the early 2000's, Gungrave created by Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun) is about a slain Mafia Hitman-Brandon Heat who through the help of necrolyzation, returns from the dead. Well equipped with twin high velocity pistols called Cerebrus and a Coffin with a few surprises, Brandon, now dubbed "Beyond the Grave "seeks revenge against Millennion, a criminal organization ran by the man responsible for killing him, his best friend Harry MacDowell! The 25-episode animated series might share familiarity with concepts that range from Hong Kong and Sci Fi cinema as well as mianstream comics, however, it is the brilliant storyline, tha

Sky and Ollie: The Magical Negro and other silly racist cliches

Ollie: Wats a happenin, mah nuggahs? It's your boy Ollie along with my homie, Sky in da heezy here about to give some shout outs to the most infamous and ridiculous portrayals of Blacks in Cinema! Sky: That is one of the worst, if not THE worse imitation of a hood Black bloke. How very insensitive of you, especially since it's Black History Month. Ollie: Actually, my reactionary bro, I was mocking the silly stereotypes that Hollywood and society in general are quick to assume how the majority of Black-Americans conduct themselves. SKY: My pardon or as the cool kids say, my bad. Well, now that were here, let's nominate a few categories based on the negative portrayal of Black Movie roles, shall we? To start things off, here is an archetype which many of us would refer to as the Sacrificial Negro.   This is a portrayal that is often seen in a few films, that for the most part, are within the Horror and Science Fiction genres, where the Black support